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Barack Obama's actions and policies have become a magnet for ridicule and scorn by Americans amidst what is considered the "Great Recession."  His actions have triggered an explosion of national debt, regulation and federal spending.  His far left ideology has been integrated into many vital components of our country.  Including:  health care, immigration, energy resources, and, most concerning, our Constitutional rights.

His years of control of the Executive branch and combined early control by Democrats of Congress, has set our Republic into a economic and Constitutional tail spin.  Ill timed with a ticking global fiscal debt bomb, Barack Obama has set our country on the precipice of a faltering Republic.

As Virginians consider their choice for President of the United States, may we take a moment to consider the record and impact of Barack Obama's actions.  His directives have adversely affected the Commonwealth's ability to thrive.  

Now let's examine how Barack Obama has failed Virginia.

Jobs.  Fortunately, Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell (R) has worked to promote job growth during his term with great improvement.  However, prior to McDonnell, former Governor Tim Kaine (D) embraced job policies that mirrored Obama.  Kaine's progressive actions impeded Virginia's ability to effectively turn around its economy and job deficit during the first year of Obama's term. 

Business.  Businesses big and small have felt the brunt of the Obama administration's policy boom.  A spike in regulatory measures have forced businesses to contract, reduce operations and in most cases, layoff employees.  A striking example is that for some types of businesses, they now pay more in federal regulatory fees than actual taxes.  Another key impact is Obamacare.  Businesses have had to reserve funds to meet the looming premium mandates for employees.  Again, this has restricted their ability to expand their business and hire additional employees.  

Energy.  Barack Obama has had a direct, negative impact on Virginia's energy capabilities.  Through EPA and Department of Energy actions, Virginia's initiative to start off shore drilling has been halted.  Not only would this have provided oil and other resources, but permitting off shore drilling would provide several thousand jobs and millions in tax revenue for Virginia.  Obama's policies have adversely impacted Virginia's  coal mining industry.  His policies are severely curtailing mining operations and has resulted in hundreds of layoffs in Virginia and other states.  In addition, Virginia possesses the world's seventh largest Uranium deposit.  An incredible source of revenue and jobs.  Uranium exploration in the Commonwealth has also been limited by the administration's policies.

Health Care.  This issue is obviously national, yet Virginia's growing senior population is realizing adverse impacts of Obamacare law.  Seniors across the Commonwealth are talking with their physicians and  hearing what will be coming.  Seniors are gravely concerned how Obamacare will restrict their choice of insurance, choice of physician and access to medical procedures/medications.  They are now beginning to notice how the Democrats cut of $716 billion in Medicare is taking grip on their level of care.  Obama's policies will soon increase Medicare Advantage premiums on Virginia seniors.  His health care law is also causing physicians to consolidate or in some cases close their long standing practices.

Immigration.  Obama's administration has levied lawsuits against many states who are attempting to enforce current immigration law.  Virginia is working towards a similar path of reinforcing the ability of state law enforcement to identify illegal aliens.  Should federal lawsuits in other states rule to strike down efforts to enforce immigration law, the precedent could restrain efforts in the Commonwealth to reduce illegal alien activity.

Military.  Like beating a drum of progressive policy, Barack Obama has worked continually to reduce the size and capability of our military.  With Virginia's large military population this has stressed their ability to have the armament, intelligence breadth and flexibility to respond with multiple ongoing international operations.  In addition, this reduction has impacted Virginia's communities and vendors that support military bases and ports.  Not to mention, how Obama's administration (BRAC Commission) has adversely threatened to reduce some bases in Virginia.  The combined actions by the Democrats and the Obama administration are putting 200,000 plus military and military support jobs at risk in the Commonwealth.

Foreign Policy.  How has Obama's foreign policy effected Virginians?  On many different levels.  But simply - putting us at risk.  Virginians in the military have had to defend our liberty abroad with reduced assets and manpower.  Our safety has been in question with his negotiations with Islamic countries.  In addition, his promises to work side deals with countries such as Russia after his re-election, has raised considerable scorn.  His delay in making confident, quick decisions on many levels has also raised questions about national security.  Example:  Obama took 10 months to decide whether to send troops to take out Osama Bin Laden.  And, he took over six months to decide to increase troops in Afghanistan. 

Debt.  Obama's progressive spending programs have exploded our national debt.  Through the actions of Democrats in his first two years, he has accumulated $5 trillion in new debt.    More than all former Presidents combined.  Zooming our overall debt well over $16 trillion.  This spending has put our country and our Commonwealth in a very negative position to recover amidst a global recession.  Our country now spends more on debt than our overall GDP.  Now placing us on track for a impending debt bomb that mirrors the likes of Greece, Spain and many other debt consumed nations.  Not to mention the trillions in debt that generations of Americans will be left to pay.

Agenda 21.  Maybe not an issue you are familiar with.  Agenda 21 is part of the progressive movement to in essence create national control of land rights.  You may have heard how they have smeared conservation and green energy efforts into the sustainability movement.  The Obama administration is actively working in multiple states to have county governments sign on to Agenda 21/Sustainability.  Agenda 21 can usurp land control normally held by municipalities all under the veil of the green energy movement.  Some counties in Virginia that have agreed to receive federal sustainability funding are now realizing they are losing the ability to decide land use rulings.  

Law.  Obama has shown on numerous occasions his disdain for the law and the Constitution.  Publicly lashing the Supreme Court during the State of the Union speech and following the review of his health care law.  Using his Presidential power, his last two appointments to the Supreme Court have nearly split the ideology of the court balance.  Just one more Obama Supreme Court appointment could slant future rulings to the ideology of the far left.  In addition, his actions and the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder to subvert Congressional investigations into Operation Fast and Furious are auspicious.  The farther the Executive Branch evades the rule of law, the more the stability country and the rights of our citizens are at risk.  

Banking.  Severe restrictions such as the Democrat/Obama backed Dodd-Frank law have adversely impacted the entire banking and finance sector.  Undue scrutiny and regulation have forced banks to restrain revenue flow for banks.  This translates to higher fees for bank customers, very complicated loan policy and reduced bank employment.  These laws have squeezed banks so much that they do not have the flexibility to lend to Virginia's consumers or businesses.  

Second Amendment.  What is most concerning is the movement to use the power of a international treaty to curtail or supersede the United States second amendment right to bear arms.  Obama's minions have been working through the United Nations to enter into a treaty that would emulate Britain's policy to prohibit civilian gun ownership.  The work on this treaty is currently on hold and is scheduled to continue in January of 2013.  How convenient the timing for his second term in office.

Bold, stark and disturbing, but perhaps Virginia and America can now realize the broad impact of Barack Obama.  His policies and directives are on so many fronts, it is almost overwhelming to digest.  Should voters grant another term for Barack Obama, you can now see he is teeing up his ideology during his first four years.  Then, moving forward during a second term driving what we know as America into the ditch.

Now, the fate of our country and the Commonwealth is upon the shoulders of the citizens.  Will grassroots America awaken and be informed as to the threats to our republic?  The election is fast approaching.  Again, the citizens will choose if our country will continue to be that shining republic of the West.

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