Friday, September 28, 2012


Recent polling has independent pollsters and political analysts calling foul.  A series of polls authorized by media companies are using biased weighting to their polls that skews the results to favor Barack Obama and attempts to dissuade the electorate.

As previously mentioned by The American Maverick, Beware of the Polls!  Many polls announced since the DNC Convention are horrifically skewed to favor Barack Obama.  Polls such as PPP, Gallup, IPSOS, Quinnipiac and others, have slanted poll results in tracking who America would vote for President.  Major polling firms are over weighting Democrat voter samples by +10%.  Some polls only provided for 24% Republican sampling and a few only sampled only 5-10% of independent voters.  For weeks the media has been playing up the seemingly non-stop polling which shows Obama with a advantage of 5-13% versus Mitt Romney. 

Luckily, there is sanity in this world of political buffoonery.  A Virginia based polling firm called the QStar Group, analyzes raw polling numbers that are publicly available from the big polling firms.  QStar takes other polling firms voter sample numbers and realistically balances the weighting to properly reflect voter sentiment based on political party, sex, race, etc.  

QStar's work is startling and extremely encouraging for supporters of the Romney/Ryan Presidential ticket.   Here is a brief example of how QStar's analysis takes skewed results and provides realistic results that clearly show Mitt Romney as having the hand up with American voters versus Barack Obama:

Poll Results After QSTAR Analysis
Sept. 9     CNN     Romney 53%    Obama 45%    Romney +8%
Sept.  9     ABC     Romney 52%     Obama 45%     Romney +7%
Sept. 12     NY Times     Romney 51%     Obama 44%     Romney +7% 
Sept. 16     NBC News     Romney 51%     Obama 44%     Romney +7%
Sept. 20     Reuters/IPSOS     Romney 54%     Obama 44%     Romney +10%

Please visit the QStar Group's website at to view all the links and data sources for all the above poll work and more.  Dean Chambers is the Chairman of QStar Group based in Virginia.

Recent, well respected Democrat pollsters, such as Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell, have been very critical of how polling companies are not using sound weighting practices which skew results.  This skewing can be a diabolical method of the left to suppress the voter intensity of the right.

Fortunately, there are pollsters such as Dean Chamber's QStar Group that break down the data to show America that voters are clearly supporting the Romney/Ryan ticket as we head towards the waning weeks of the 2012 election.


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