Thursday, September 20, 2012


The first debate for Virginia's U.S. Senate seat highlights the broad experience of George Allen and underscores the character issues of Tim Kaine.

The debate was the first in a series of debates between Republican George Allen and Democrat Tim Kaine.  The 'moderator' was NBC's host of Meet the Press, David Gregory.  Gregory undermined the integrity of the debate with his constant taunting of George Allen.  This tainted the thought of this being a 'fair' debate.  What was obvious was Gregory's self serving ambition to 'make some news' for his own benefit.  

Despite the sway by Gregory, George Allen performed very well and held his ground in communicating his message to Virginians.  What was most evident was George Allen's upright character and positive perspective for Virginia and America.  Allen remained composed and positive from start to finish.  He communicated an upbeat vision for America to return to economic prosperity with business growth and a thriving job market.  His commitment to free market principles held true as he spoke about how he supported business and job growth as Governor and will continue that message to the U.S. Senate.

Kaine showed his true colors regarding his legacy supporting tax increases.  Kaine responded immediately to how to avoid devastating defense cuts by calling for tax increases.  The most newsworthy and costly statement by Kaine clearly exposed his commitment to taxation.

During the debate Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate, Tim Kaine, said,
"I would open be a proposal to have some minimum tax level for everyone."
In addition, Kaine said he wanted the Bush tax cuts to expire in December.  This would cause the average family to pay over $3,000 in taxes next year.  Kaine's statement on taxation flies in the face of the millions of Americans who are financially challenged during this deep recession under President Barack Obama.  

George Allen's foreign policy experience shined during the debate.  Allen's previous experience in the U.S. Senate overshadowed Democrat Kaine's weak response to questions regarding the Middle East.  Allen spoke of the many complexities of the Middle East, provided candid facts about what was happening and the solutions for America to provide stability to the region.  A true positive response to a difficult foreign situation contrasted to Kaine's quibble.

Democrat Kaine relegated the Middle East situation to a 'border war'.  How juvenile a response to a critical, complex situation.  Kaine subverted support for Israel commenting the best way to control nuclear weapons is to control the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.  Kaine's tunnel vision seems to ignore over 23 countries actively protesting America and threatening Israel.

Overall, George Allen triumphed in the first U.S. Senate debate.  Clearly, Allen's forthright character, his broad experience and ability to communicate positive solutions, won the day.

The next debates for the two candidates are coming soon!  On October 8 WCVE will televise the debate from Richmond.  And, the final debate will be at Virginia Tech on October 18.  WSLS NBC 10 will broadcast the final debate.


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