Monday, September 17, 2012


How often have you had someone give you a homework assignment as a conservative?  Probably, not often enough.  With the election now within sight.  Perhaps now is the time to deploy a little snarky task to jostle the mindset of the left.

First of all, remember, the most effective way to get out the vote is to influence those around you. From your friends/family to work associates to your community.  What ever is within your scope of communication, the power of generating a influential turnout is within your control.  Additional assistance is also key.  Helping your local Republicans or other groups, like Americans for Prosperity, with phone calls, door knocking and volunteering at your local precinct are great ways to assure victory. 

Now, on to your homework assignment.  I must say I picked up on this idea via the internet just after the DNC Convention.  This is a little snarky in approach.  But, it could be just enough medicine to treat the Kool-Aid drinking, Obama sticker wearing voters to wake up and realize they are making a serious election mistake.  And, perhaps, a little jolt to some to keep them from making the same mistake twice.  

This is a little mischievous, but here we go...
  1. Type up and print many papers on plain paper reading the following, "Hi friend, I just wanted to let you know some knucklehead vandalized your vehicle by slapping a Obama sticker on it.  The last thing you want is to drive around all day looking like a idiot.  Take care, A Good Samaritan." (Visual further below.)
  2. Keep these papers with you in your car now through Election Day, November 6.
  3. When you are out and about, be observant of other cars parked near you with Obama stickers on their vehicles.
  4. When you see a vehicle with a Obama sticker, simply take one of your paper scripts, slip it under their windshield wiper on the driver side and walk away.
  5. The message on the paper will do the rest.  They will either be infuriated or, perhaps, stop and think what a regular citizen has tried to do to awaken them from making a mistake on Election Day.
This is a simple gesture anyone can take upon themselves to help nudge a fellow voter in the right direction.

Here's the full visual that is making it's way over the internet:


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