Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Recent revelations about skewed methods of polling companies brings scrutiny of poll results as American looks at a fast approaching election.

First, one of America's more reputable polling firms, Gallup, is being pursued by the United States Justice Department for concerns over polling methods.  There has been a pending suit by the Justice Department that now has been accelerated on Gallup.  This "pressure" is a catalyst for Gallup to possibly contort polling data to reach favor with the administration.  Of course, in the polling industry, the act of deliberately changing  data would undermine the integrity of poll results and the reputation of the polling firm, like Gallup.  Rendering Gallup's work as null and void of accuracy.

Secondly, multiple polls have been tilting the table on how many political party voters they are sampling.  Ideally, a fair poll will sample almost an equal amount of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.  Perhaps having a poll asking questions with a sample that includes 33% Democrats, 33% Republicans and 33% Independents.  

What is happening is far from balanced or fair polling for several key polling companies.  For example, a recent poll authorized by CNN used a sample of 50% Democrats, 45% Republicans and only 5% Independents.  This is a awful skewing of the voter sample.  As Independent voters are the key element that will determine the outcome of the election.  Other polls by Pew, PPP, Gallup, NBC and others over sample Democrat voters by as much as 11% more than Republicans or Independents.  This is in many ways a complete manufacturing of the numbers to present positive percentages for the Democrats.  And, it is a technique of methodology that is used to suppress voters of opposing parties.  Basically, telling a false story that the Republicans are losing on such a broad level that they may as well not vote.  

Republicans and Independents, do not take the bait!  It is vitally important that you mobilize and flock to the polls in mass to turn the tide of our country.  Every vote is vital and important.  A vast get out the vote effort will be key to taking back the White House, controlling the U.S. Senate and firming up conservatives in the U.S. House.

With so little time left until the election it is important to consider the source of polling data.  Tried and true polling firms like Rasmussen and Zogby, consistently use balanced voter samples.  Two political pollsters at heart that are very particular about using accurate polling are Karl Rove and Dick Morris.  Both Rove and Morris offer their own weekly projections using data they trust.  Check out their websites to view their Electoral maps for the 2012 election.  For a quick look, Karl Rove's site is


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