Sunday, September 16, 2012


We do have a President, correct?  A week of protests and assaults in over 21 countries upon American embassies and assets.  All brings to question what is Barrack Obama doing as President?  Is he placing his re-election bid as his priority over national security?

Let's review what has occurred starting on September 11.  The planned attack on the American Consulate in Libya.  Resulting in the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens, two former Navy Seals and another American embassy staffer.  Also, an attack on our Egyptian Embassy resulting in breaching the compound and tearing down the U.S. flag, then replacing with the black flag of radical Muslims.  Demonstrations erupt in numerous countries all throughout the Middle East and lower Asia.  Other outbreaks of Muslim protests are seen in London and other ally countries.

Let's clear the air.  Literally.  This violence was about the anniversary of 9/11, not an obscure, pathetic video on YouTube. The video is a diversion from the real truth.  The truth is our Presidency is away without leave.

A story first reported by the American Enterprise Institute preceding the attacks shed light on the lack of attention by the administration about national security.  The concern is about the number of Presidential Daily Briefings (PDB) that Barrack Obama has missed.  PDB's are critical intelligence briefings held with the President about key threats to our national security.  In his first 1,225 days in office, Obama attended only 536 PDB's (43%).  Since 2011, Obama has attended only 38% of PDB's.  The Obama administration claims the President reads his briefings and does not require a physical meeting with key national security liaisons.

Credible reports from sources state there were alerts about an impending attack in Libya 48 hours prior to the attack.  Also, consider that this was the anniversary of 9/11, and an increase in protective services for our Middle East embassies would have been a prudent action.

Additional concerns have been raised about Barack Obama's skipping of PDB's preceding 9/11.  The last documented PDB meeting with him was on September 5.  

With the looming 9/11 anniversary and the knowledge of two countries in disarray (Egypt and Libya), it was the responsibility of the President to protect American embassies in those countries.  It was Barack Obama's actions which encouraged Libya and Egypt to move towards democracy.  Yet, both have morphed into the clutches of the radical Muslim Brotherhood.  

Former General Colin Powell stated regarding U.S. involvement in nation building, "(If) you break it, you own it."  Clearly, with the 2011 fall of both regimes in Libya and Egypt, our country was obligated to protect our assets since then and especially surrounding 9/11.

Consider the reaction of the President.  With the death of an American Ambassador and the multiple American Embassies under attack, what does he do?  Obama campaigns!

Obama continues his schedule after knowing what occurred in Libya and elsewhere.  That day he skipped his PDB, then went to a photo opportunity with Hillary Clinton.  What does he do next?  Proceeds directly to board his plane headed for a political rally and fundraiser in Las Vegas.  With the situation continuing to erupt the next day, he continues with a political rally in Colorado.  Obviously, Barack Obama is more focused on his re-election, than the safety of American diplomats and assets.

Case in point.  Again, the American electorate can see we have a Campaigner in Chief, and not a Commander-in-Chief.


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