Monday, August 6, 2012


As rumors swirl throughout the political spectrum about who the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate will be, the effect of Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell as the VP pick has state and national implications.

First, there are many possibilities for Mitt Romney to make a VP selection.  Of the names bantered about, include:  Chris Christie, Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman, Paul Ryan, and (The American Maverick's recommendation) U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.  As we found in 2008 with McCain (Sarah Palin), there always could be a selection made out of nowhere.  One such selection could be U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte.  Ayotte has been a loyal supporter ever since the New Hampshire primary.

Recently, Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia has bubbled up as a top prospect for Vice-President.  Political pundits have brought his name into the limelight since Romney's trip to England, Israel and Poland.  Governor McDonnell also was a late addition as a speaker to the American for Prosperity Summit.  No other Romney surrogate spoke during the AFP Summit.

What if Bob McDonnell was the pick?  What assets would he bring to the GOP ticket?  Governor McDonnell has many strengths and a proven record of economic success.  As Virginia's Governor, he has turned the Commonwealth's economy towards prosperity.  Unemployment in Virginia is far below the national average of 8%.  With unemployment now down to about 5.7%.  Virginia now ranks as number one in many pro-business polls of the states.  He has turned a situation where the Commonwealth was in a serious debt situation under former Democrat Governor Tim Kaine to now consistent reporting of state surplus each quarter.  Not to forget McDonnell's great record as the Commonwealth's Attorney General and his over 20 years of military service.  There are many other successes for McDonnell in Virginia that would translate nicely to a national level.

As a political asset for Mitt Romney, bringing Virginia from a toss up to a definite red state would be a huge power play.  Currently, Virginia is considered the battleground state by many pundits.  Even more so than Ohio by some.  If Bob were to be selected as VP, Virginia would possibly be neutralized as a battleground state.  Making the Commonwealth a strong red state for Mitt Romney.  Then, the Romney campaign could shift resources and advertising funds to other key states and even some long shots.  Battleground states that could receive more resources and bucks could be Ohio and Florida.  Other states that are considered possibilities if they received better cash flow are Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.

What would happen to Virginia's political scene with a Vice-President McDonnell?  Well, that is a deep subject.  In 2013, Virginia will hold elections for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.  There is a internal struggle going on between now Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Both Bolling and Cuccinelli are running head on for the Republican nomination next year for Governor.  Should McDonnell be elected as Vice-President of the U.S. in November, Lt. Governor Bolling would naturally assume the Governor's position.  Right now most of the momentum favors Cuccinelli.  However, if Bolling moves in as Governor behind McDonnell, the power of incumbency could shift favor to Bolling.  This could pressure Cuccinelli to reconsider a run for Governor or perhaps Lt. Governor or again as Attorney General.  Already in Virginia there are many candidates seeking Republican nomination for Lt. Governor and Attorney General.  

All in all, McDonnell's move with Romney will cause political shifts for Republicans in the Commonwealth and strong political assets nationally.


The commentary provided on and "The American Maverick Radio Show" are the remarks on behalf of Maverick Media and personal expression of Flint Engleman. In no way, are these statements on behalf of any other organization or political entity.

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