Tuesday, August 21, 2012


For the last few months, supporters of Presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, have been working at a fanatical pace to make their voices heard at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  

Ron Paul has the most intense and adamant supporters in politics at present.  You can see it in their very zeal for the man from the grassroots to his delegates.  For months, Paul activists have been storming state conventions to squeeze out as many delegates as possible.  His supporters have shown in mass in multiple states being very vocal on state convention floors and, at times, confrontational with state party delegates and officials.  I witnessed this first hand at Virginia's Republican Party Convention in June.

What is most mind blowing, in my opinion, is the futility of their efforts to win more delegates.  Ron Paul came in dead last for the entire Republican primary delegate count.  He failed to clearly win a single state, save for a contested delegate in Maine that would give him a one state win.  Now compare that to presumptive nominee Mitt Romney who vastly dominated the primary delegate count.  Why on Earth would Ron Paul activists continue to scrap for delegates when he cannot even come close to challenging Romney with delegates?  

Emails and web postings from Ron Paul's organization and related backers have contested since May that they will continue with their strong message and actions all the way to the RNC Convention.  Paul emails have even stated they will use their delegates to make a nomination for Ron Paul directly from the RNC Convention floor.  They also have stated they will influence the party platform at the convention.

They may have achieved more of the latter and the RNC has possibly averted the former.

Negotiations have ensued between Ron Paul officials, the RNC and Romney officials regarding Ron Paul delegates and the party platform.  An agreement has been made to seat 17 Paul delegates from Louisiana.  This was a major pivot point to bring the Paul folks down to Earth.  The Maine delegate count is a ongoing discussion.  However, the Paul officials are very impressed with the language inserted in the RNC platform addressing fiscal controls and audit actions for the Federal Reserve.  This may have been enough to avoid a public floor squabble to bring Ron Paul up for the party nomination.  

Or is it?  As has been the case, Ron Paul backers have no problem raising a ruckus on convention floors throughout America.  A squabble on the RNC Convention floor would be more of a public black eye for Romney and a media frenzy than anything of substance.  At this point, all we can do is see what transpires when the gavel brings the convention to order on Monday.


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