Monday, August 13, 2012


Over 10,000 eager supporters stood ready to cheer the arrival of newly selected Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, in Manassas, Virginia.  The campaign event featured many great speakers with Paul Ryan at the center of attention.

Congressman Ryan ignited the emotions of the vast crowd as he stepped from the Romney campaign bus straight to the stage.  Supporters cheered, waved campaign signs and American flags.  Ryan was accompanied by his family, Mitt and Ann Romney and Governor Bob McDonnell.

Ryan's remarks were to the point, candid and upbeat.  His talked of how America can do better by returning to the founding principles of our republic.  He spoke of the priority need to address our nation's economic woes and to work to unleash the true free economic engine that can deliver prosperity and confidence in America.  Ryan continued by stating the role of government must be restrained with fiscal controls.  He ended his remarks stating, "We can get this done!"

Mitt Romney provided uplifting remarks regarding a positive future and about his new choice for Vice-President.  Romney continued with how excited he was to work with Paul Ryan to win on November 6.  And how committed he is to get America back on track starting on Inauguration Day in January.  

Several key Republicans took the stage leading up to the arrival of the Romneys and Ryans.  Speakers included:  U.S. Senate candidate George Allen, Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Congressman Frank Wolf and Virginia Delegate Barbara Comstock.

Supporters grasped the new rally signs provided by the campaign.  People loved having a souvenir emblazoned with the new Romney, Ryan logo.  Especially on the first day of Ryan's announcement as VP.

Romney and Paul will be continuing their "Strengthening America's Middle Class" bus tour through North Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio.

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