Sunday, August 19, 2012


Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act is beginning to kick in.  Unfortunately, this will financially impact America's seniors in short order.  Specifically, seniors who currently use Medicare Advantage will see a sharp increase in premiums.  This was scheduled under the new Act to take effect this October of 2012. 

However!  As politics would imagine for Barack Obama this is not good timing.  Yes, he wants the new health care act to be funded, yet he has an election to win on November 6.  Obama is fearful of infuriating seniors with a sudden Medicare Advantage rate increase so close to Election Day.  Therefore, he is pressuring government agencies such as the General Accounting Office and Health & Human Services to delay the rate increase on America's seniors until after the election.  This would only be a delay.  The premiums will be increasing.  Unfortunately, this delay is solely for political gain by Barack Obama at the expense of America's seniors.

Here is a link to a short video which I invite you to view to fully understand the timing of this Medicare increase>>>

President Obama's Affordable Care Act is largely funded by cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage.  A total of over $700 Billion in cuts to these programs.  

Medicare Advantage is a program that provides expanded medical benefits to over 12 million seniors in America.  It is administered by private insurers like AARP, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Care and many others.  Historically, the Federal government provides financial assistance to make Medicare Advantage more affordable for seniors.

That coverage by the government is about to change.  Under the Affordable Care Act mandates, that financial assistance will be cut forcing seniors out of the plan or requiring dramatic increase in Medicare Advantage premiums.  The largest cut for the Medicare Advantage program is to take effect on October 15, 2012.  Just three weeks prior to the Presidential Election.  

However, an action created by the General Accounting Office postpones a $8.35 Billion "Demonstration Project" which conveniently delays the implementation of the Medicare Advantage premium increase until well after the November 6 Presidential Election.  

Your Medicare Advantage premiums are going up due to Barack Obama's new health care act.  Were you aware of this increase?

Be wary American seniors.  These are dubious times.  It is far better to be informed as to what is coming your way before this year's crucial election.

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