Friday, July 27, 2012


Virginia's George Allen continues to receive the accolades from businesses and leaders throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.  His latest high profile business endorsement came from the United States Chamber of Commerce.

George Allen received the official, public endorsement from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at a event in McLean, Virginia.  Representatives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce stated Allen's strong legacy of supporting businesses large and small.  They cited his consistent and unyielding support for business development and the ability of businesses to grow employment.  Allen has had a continued strong record and ability to partner with business growth as Virginia's Governor, U.S. Congressman and Senator.

The former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senate candidate, George Allen, delivered the following remarks upon receiving the endorsement:
“I’m honored to have earned the very meaningful endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,” said George Allen. “As Susan and I have traveled throughout Virginia, we’ve listened to the concerns of hardworking small business owners worried about a government that taxes without listening and regulates without understanding. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Virginia job creators who need lower taxes, reasonable regulations, and more affordable energy and health care to be able to grow and hire again. I share the U.S. Chamber’s commitment to a less intrusive federal government to help American businesses have the freedom and opportunity to compete and succeed. We need to send a message to the world that ‘America is Open for Business Again.’”
Allen continues to reach out to businesses and communities throughout Virginia.  George and Susan Allen have traversed the Commonwealth listening and interacting with Virginians to receive first hand accounts of business leaders.  Both have hosted numerous business round table meetings to assure the message of business owners resonates with the United States Senate.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes and sectors throughout America.


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