Thursday, July 26, 2012


The mainstream media has seemingly once again continued to be the voice piece of the left.  This time in a effort to blur the facts behind Operation Fast and Furious.

Statements by Obama administration blowhards, like Press Secretary Jay Carney, are again trying to link their warped programs to the Bush administration.  Apparently a attempt to cover all the flak that transpired since the contempt charge on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder was formally charged with contempt for withholding thousands of government documents about Operation Fast and Furious in June.

Here's the angle Carney and the left are taking.  The facts behind a similar operation that began and ended during the Bush administration, called Operation Wide Receiver, is being attempted to link to Obama's Operation Fast and Furious.  Although both involve firearms trafficking, the similarity and link to current justice operations is distinct and separate.

The sad and unfortunate first point is that Operation Fast and Furious resulted in the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  Firearms used by illegals fired upon Brian Terry in December of 2010 were identified as weapons released during Fast and Furious.  An additional shooting of an American ICE Officer, Jamie Zapata, is also being investigated for involving a F&F weapon.  Mexican officials have confirmed Fast and Furious weapons have been used in hundreds of deaths of Mexican civilians.  Weapons used during Operation Wide Receiver were not used in any known loss of life.

Gun tracing versus gun walking.  Operation Wide Receiver was under the premise that each of the weapons would be traceable and track able.  RFID electronic tracking chips were inserted in Operation Wide Receiver weapons.  These chips were tracked to find out where and by whom the weapons would go.  Eventually cartels and criminal illegals discovered the chips or developed ways to evade tracking.  When the ATF discovered the tracking had been discovered they ended the operation.  

However, Operation Fast and Furious functioned as a gun walking program.  There were no efforts to track the path of the weapons.  Thousands of weapons were knowingly released by ATF agents to cartel and Mexican criminals.  The ATF only recorded the serial numbers of each weapon with no tracking device.  After some time ATF agents questioned the open release of these weapons to cartels.  The U.S. Justice Department instructed the ATF agents to 'stand down' and let the weapons continue to flow into Mexico.

Three other significant facts completely separate the two operations.  First, Operation Fast and Furious involved about 2,000 firearms.  Operation Wide Receiver used 300 weapons.  Secondly, Operation Wide Receiver actively communicated its actions and intentions with the Mexican government.  Under Eric Holder, the Mexican government was not informed.  And, the Mexican government did not find out until the U.S. House Oversight Committee exposed the operation.  Third, and most significantly, Operation Wide Receiver  was shut down in 2007 when the ATF reported the tracking devices were ineffective  This was almost two years before Obama took office.  Operation Fast and Furious began in 2009 and ended in 2010 soon after the death of Agent Brian Terry.  

Update.  The Mexican government has recovered about 700 of the Fast and Furious weapons found at crime scenes and drug cartel busts.  In April of 2012, a United States traffic stop by Phoenix law enforcement confiscated 43 weapons tied to Operation Fast and Furious.  Leaving about 1,300 weapons still at large and in possession of criminals.

Just the facts.  And the facts are clear and undeniable.  The Obama administration and Eric Holder must be held accountable for the reckless use of Justice Department and ATF resources used during Fast and Furious.  Any attempts by the administration to smear the truth and sidestep accountability is yet again another political ploy by the era of Barack Obama.


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