Tuesday, July 24, 2012


You know, Democrat Tim Kaine.  The former Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia from 2006-10.  Virginia reflects back to how the Kaine era was a period of economic stall and uncertainty with government.

For four years Virginia experienced a period of economic turbulence under Tim Kaine.  The path chosen by Governor Kaine left Virginians wondering where the jobs were and perplexed businesses if the Commonwealth would continue a pro-business relationship.  

In many regards, Kaine was padded with good economic policies by his predecessor, Mark Warner.  Even though Warner was a Democrat, his business policies bolstered the Commonwealth through the first years of Kaine's administration.  

As time moved on during the Kaine administration, the economic efforts by prior Governors wore off.  And Virginians realized the shortfalls of having Tim Kaine in a level of authority.

So, Governor Kaine, what happened those last years of your term as Governor?  
  • He proposes a $1 Billion tax increase on Virginians the first week in office.  Violating a campaign promise to avoid tax increases.
  • Unemployment dramatically increases in the Commonwealth from 3.5% in 2006 to 7.8% in 2008.
  • In 2009, the General Assembly kills Kaine's second attempt to pass a $1+ Billion tax on Virginians.
  • Businesses experience "Obama" like policies designed to increase regulation and fees.  Pro-business environment built by George Allen, Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner is diminished statewide.
  • In 2009, Kaine closes 18 interstate rest areas.  His action impacted one of Virginia's key industries-tourism.  Secondary businesses dependent on tourism begins to suffer.
  • Tim Kaine takes action which cuts higher education funding by 25% and phases in a 30% state tuition increase.
  • Audit shows financial mismanagement under Kaine.  Report exposes $1.2 Billion in unused transportation funds.
  • Kaine spends his last year as Governor serving as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.  As the Commonwealth deals with declining economic conditions and budget constraints, Kaine goes on nationwide fundraising tour for the Democrat National Committee.
  • In 2010, Tim Kaine ends his term as Governor.  During his term he proposed a total of over $4 Billion in new taxes.
Fortunately, Virginia has term limits for our Governor.  As a side note, Governor McDonnell restored job growth, strengthened business relations and balanced the budget within one year after Kaine left office.

Kaine's record as Governor is in short embarrassing for Virginia.  His lack of leadership and indecision cost Virginians jobs and undermined the fiscal reliance in their government.  

Considering Tim Kaine's record and his impact upon the Commonwealth.  Perhaps Virginians, in reflection, can now clearly understand the faults of a Kaine candidacy for United States Senate.


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