Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The left and the Obama machine were very busy getting ready for the 2012 election.  A monsoon of government social programs have tainted the will of dependents during a time of economic decline.

From 2008-2010, Barack Obama along with Harry Reid in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House padded federal coffers to reach a level of dependency that the masses now can't seem to resist.  They loaded so much cash into programs, (like the federal food stamp program), that have corrupted the essence of self reliance and turned the American psyche into one of dependency on the government.  

That's right America.  Barack Obama has successfully moved our country into a "nanny state" mentality.  Those now forced to take food stamps after three plus years of dismal job prospects, now find themselves part of the system.  A deliberate tactic by the left to slowly move the U.S. from a free market economy to a socialized economy.  This is the the work of the progressive left in America.

Remember, the continual verbal drum beat of Barack Obama, Reid and Pelosi for 'social justice' in 2008?  Well, they're about there.  You give Obama four more years and you can bet their plans for social justice for all will be in full economic force.

Another point to this dependency.  Obama and the Democrats had a couple of power years (2008-10) to tee things up for 2012.  They laid out the cash to push Americans taking a hand out when most Americans had no choice during a broken economy.  Now, those same Americans are dependents of Barack Obama.  He has fed them by food stamps and housed them by paying their rent/mortgage with unemployment payments.  These citizens have been dependent for the longest time in history on social funding.  Has Obama now lured these Americans into the mindset of a vote for Obama is a vote for food?

This might sound harsh.  And, is to some point when you think about the drastic measures hundreds of thousands of unemployed families have had to endure for many years.  Yet, the Obama nanny state continues and the thought of how that dependency will effect the ballot box is a factor to consider.


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