Sunday, July 1, 2012


As typical with the far left politicos, when out of ideas, smear the right.  This tactic has been most notable on a national level.  Now, it seems this is the method of choice of the left wing/Democrats against conservative U.S. Senate candidate, George Allen.

As noted above, politics from the left can get a bit hairy when they run dry with popular ideas.  They'll divert from hot issues in which they have no tangible solution.  Hot issues in the Commonwealth and America continue to be jobs, economy and debt.  From the White House to Richmond, the left and the Democrats are out of ideas and ready for a fight.  That leads to a recent revelation by The American Maverick.  

First a little history.  In 2006, the left had deployed what is known as a 'tracker' to follow then U.S. Senator and former Governor George Allen. This tracker would taunt, trail and video the candidate at every public appearance just hoping to film a unseemly moment.  Basically, like a mosquito that will not go away.  And, you get to a point of frustration that you must squash it.  The 2006 Democrat tracker got the film he worked for.  And, the left exploited the moment for a absolute character smear of the former Governor.

The American Maverick has investigated an emergence of a new, negative smear campaign being launched by left wing activists in Virginia against the sterling character of United States Senator candidate, George Allen.  A group in Virginia with strong ties to the left has started a Twitter account in an attempt to exploit the Democrats efforts in 2006 to defame Governor George Allen.  The Twitter account attempts to mock the left's perception of Allen.  Noted on Twitter are racial remarks not stated by Allen, but are completely fabricated quotes to smear his image.  Another account has also been established to further attack his good character from a twisted, Aryan nation angle.  In addition a Twitter hashtag has been generated called #StingOperation.

This is a deplorable tactic of the left.  Yet, it underscores two aspects of what they will do in an act of political desperation.  First, as mentioned, the Democrats are out of ideas and the economy is in the tank.  Their ideas are failing in popularity amidst high unemployment and economic distress.  Secondly, the left is launching a character assassination as their last grasp to hold on to the U.S. Senate seat is quickly passing.

While more investigating is ongoing to reveal the true source, it is obvious that this is a definite tactic being deployed to enhance Democrat Tim Kaine's chances winning in November. The American Maverick will continue to monitor the Twitter posts and report back as necessary.

Another breaking development has validated racial character assassination operations by the left.  Obama for America's Virginia campaign has now deployed a push poll to influence voters about George Allen.  Push polling is a tactic that attempts to push an negative issue to the public via a polling firm in a effort to smear a candidate.  Through the push poll leftists are attempting to paint racism on his character while veiling its actions as a legitimate poll.  This is a empty tactic to elevate liberal Tim Kaine and subvert conservative George Allen.  Recent sporadic Tweets by Obama for America-VA are continuing a unseemly attack upon George Allen.  

No doubt this is just the beginning of the left's efforts to undermine conservative candidates for the 2012 election.  As the flurry of television ads breaks strong in battleground states, the rate of attempting to falsely paint a candidate is growing. And, remember, what you see on TV is just a part of the negative efforts of the left through social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc).

Brace yourself America.  We have four months to go.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.  Be strong and be active.


The commentary provided on and "The American Maverick Radio Show" are the remarks on behalf of Maverick Media and personal expression of Flint Engleman. In no way, are these statements on behalf of any other organization or political entity.

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