Friday, July 20, 2012


Charlottesville is a hotbed of liberal, progressive politics in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Any conservative located near Charlottesville is no doubt aware of the bias of the local government and media.  The very culture of a large university and heavy Democrat population have given rise to years of political tilt to the far left.

What would turn Mr. Jefferson over in his grave are the harboring of progressive ideals in the area.  The local City Council is stacked with progressives who coddle every social program imaginable.  There has been only one conservative councilman in over ten years.  For year's the council has operated as a tool of the left.  Advancing and funding measures like: green energy, policies suppressing small business, expensive recycling, curtailing transportation projects, and more.  

One local NBC affiliate, WVIR NBC 29, acts as a nucleus to promote and advance local left wing agenda.  For years, NBC 29 has had a clear and consistent record of featuring the left and minimizing the right.  The station has recently upped their coverage of anything and I mean anything related to a Democrat running for office.  Reporters from the station followed Obama all over the state during a recent visit.  They covered everything imaginable with a recent visit scheduled, then cancelled by Michelle Obama.  Other progressives they actively promote include: Tim Kaine, Tom Perriello, Creigh Deeds, John Douglass, Terry McAuliffe, Chris Dumler, and more.

Here's a quick example of how the station covers the right.  Should a local conservative event occur, a WVIR reporter may cover the event.  But, you can almost guarantee they'll bury the story after the headlines and they'll balance it with a feature about a left wing candidate or initiative like Organizing for Virginia. 

Speaking of Organizing for Virginia, the city is infested with far left groups.  Most of the groups are a little muted in their vigilance, yet they are very embedded in the progressive machine.  Some of the local lefty groups include:  Code Pink, Move On, Socialist Party, and more percolating at the University of Virginia.

Truly, Mr. Jefferson's Democrat roots have been twisted into a local political machine that is hell bent on continuing a far left push.  The lefts activism in Charlottesville is veiled by academia and exalted by media influence.  Is this what our American founders had in mind?

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