Thursday, July 12, 2012


Point of reference.  As of June 5, Mitt Romney surpassed the number of delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  Right?  Right!  Now would someone tell a couple of high profile radio personalities to turn the heat off of Romney?  

Seriously, there are some top flight, national conservative talk show hosts still laying it to Romney.  Pelting him on policy quibbles and conservative quality.  And the point is?  Who knows.  You would think they'd turn their full verbal arsenal on Barack Obama by now.  

National personalities such as Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, and Billy Cunningham are still dressing down Mitt Romney during their shows.  Nit picking him on everything from policy positions to  personality to experience.  Other media types such as Fox's Greta Van Susteren, Sheppard Smith and Lou Dobbs, also are talking like the GOP primary is still in full swing.  

It's almost like they're using the same talking template when they begin to hit Romney.  First, you get the 'Don't get me wrong I support Romney' statement.  Next, they'll proceed with a full segment or, for the radio talkers, a whole hour picking on Romney.  Now, I do understand these talkers maintaining their essence of being fair and balanced with their analysis.  I do in my own right.  However, it comes to a point when you as a Republican/conservative need to draw your full attention on ousting Barack Obama and the left.

Here's one more point I want to make, and this is what troubles me the most.  Especially since we are less than four months from Election Day.  For those of us who enjoy Levin, Savage, Beck, Dobbs and others, it is their collective negative tone versus Romney that is the issue.  Again, I fully appreciate their flair for being analytical about the left and the right.  Yet, so many of these talkers are dedicating a tremendous amount of time talking down Romney.  Individually they are on their own broadcast island based on the style of their show.  However, collectively their "doubting Thomas' tone is becoming deafening to millions of conservatives.  The result is perhaps a unintended suppression of voter enthusiasm and energy to back Romney.

It is also interesting to hear some of these high profile talkers whine and complain that Mitt Romney has not been on their show for some time.  Well, I wonder why?  Would you go on a show that is still firing ammo at you?

I mean, at some point as a conservative you need to get off of your soap box and back your candidate.  All the way to victory.

If we the conservative movement are to defeat Barack Obama and win back the U.S. Senate, we need these talkers to be turning their verbal canons away from Mitt Romney.  At this point, we need these talkers to be pumping up the morale of their listeners and motivating them to rally behind the candidacy of Mitt Romney.

The clock is ticking America.  There are now less than 116 days until the election.  We have our candidate.  It will take all of grassroots America to take back our country.  Let's hope our conservative talkers will get on board, 100%.

(By the way, I am a huge fan of Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage.)


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