Tuesday, July 17, 2012


From political analysts to right wing media pundits, it seems as they've made up their mind.  Unfortunately, the beltway conservatives have circled the wagons in support of Condoleezza Rice for the choice as Mitt Romney's Vice-President.    We'll there are a few, the proud, the conservative that completely disagree.

Okay, this might not be very pretty, but Condi Rice is wrong for Mitt Romney, conservatives and America.  Although she is the former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, she is not the choice candidate to move this country forward with the conservative movement in 2012.  She possesses political baggage which would be deadly to the Republican ticket and red meat for the Obama political machine.  Here's a point by point breakdown of Condoleezza Rice:

Presidential?  As Dick Cheney has said, the first question of a Vice-President is can they be President when needed?  Yes, she was the former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, but no she is not considered capable of being President of the United States.  Many post-Bush administration officials including Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton all have publicly stated serious miss givings about her abilities to perform.  Documented comments include she is considered 'naive', 'misinformed' and a 'academic' who doesn't fully grasp the reality of global relations.

Red Meat.  She is a Bush girl.  Through and through.  The Obama political machine is salivating at the chance to run against her.  Having her as the VP candidate would help solidify their message that Romney is looking to return to the 'failed economics' of George Bush.  You know how Obama and his team constantly refer to and blame George Bush.  With the Bush girl on the Romney ticket, this will validate Obama political twist of a return to Bush economics.  In addition, she was also very involved in authorizing water boarding of terrorists.

As I said this is not going to be pretty.

Conservative?  Nope, not really.  On the social side, she is pro-choice.  A big no-no for social conservatives.  She has exhibited moderating positions on foreign policy as she transitioned back to academia after the Bush administration.

Connectivity with America.  From the middle class to lower class, she will come across as an elitist.  Don't get me wrong, Condi Rice is extremely well spoken when addressing foreign policy.  However, she is at her core a Stanford academic.  She is a professor and former Standford Provost.  And, sounds like it.  This is her downfall.  She talks policy.  And that's her comfort zone.  How will she connect with all Americans?  Will she be able to speak to all levels of the American populous about all topics facing our country.  Will she be able to talk to farmers, conservatives, blacks, Hispanics, blue collar workers and working moms?  Running for the second most powerful office in America is more than just talking foreign policy.

Personal Tidbits.  She is not married and has no children.  She was briefly engaged to an American football player in the 1970's.  Perhaps another angle of attack for the Obama machine.  She is an accomplished pianist.  Again, another area for the opposition to paint her as an elitist and out of touch with America.

Politics.  She has never run or held an elected office.  Her focus has been advisory and a foreign policy wonk.  Her ability to campaign relentlessly is unknown.  Her ability to debate on a national, high stakes level with public scrutiny is completely untested.  She was a democrat until the election of 1979 (Reagan/Carter).

Knowledge of Issues.  One cannot dispute her foreign policy and national security knowledge.  However, her ability to effectively grasp all, and I mean all, issues facing America is completely unknown and untested. Will she be able to effectively and in full campaign mode fluidly communicate to America her positions on health care, taxation, national debt, energy resources, education, immigration and on and on?  When is the last time you heard a Condi Rice speech about any domestic issue?

Benefits for the GOP Ticket?  Typically, an individual being considered for Vice-President will bring some strengths to firm up a victory for the Presidential ticket.  Some assets include:  having strength from a key battleground state, ability to bring in coalition support from social conservatives, having strengths to offset the ticket, and having the ability to bring in key voter segments like Hispanics, blacks or the Tea Party. No, she comes to the ticket empty of assets.  She has bounced around the states.  She is from California, but has no pull with Golden State voters.  Social conservatives will turn their back on her pro-choice stance.  At the beginning of the Bush Administration, she had some appeal with black voters.  At the end of the Bush term, her support virtually vanished with minority groups.  She is not politically active, so she lacks coalition support from the Tea Party and others.

Now this has been a little painful, as I truly admire her gifts of foreign policy.  Yet, when you discover Condoleeza Rice's naivety, lack of political expertise, and empty assets for the GOP ticket, you have to see that this is not her time.  And, for what's a stake to assure victory for Mitt Romney, she possesses too much Bush red meat and a multitude of unknowns of her ability to be a national candidate.

Based on Dick Cheney's first question, no she is not capable of serving when needed as President of the United States of America.  Sorry Condi.  There are better options for Vice-President of the United States of America.


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