Wednesday, June 6, 2012


No doubt most are keenly aware of the unrest and loss of life due to the conflicts within Syria.  What tragedy Syria is experiencing may translate into a foreign policy debacle for President Barack Obama.

Syria was the next target for the Middle East movement to depose it's leader.  After a string of Middle East protests called the "Ring of Fire", countries such as Tunisia, Libya and Egypt rejected their leadership for a supposed democratic regime.  What has resulted has been a eruption of Islamic control in many countries through the region.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has demonstrated his intention to hold on to power through turning his military on the civilian population.  Assad has used the military to control the population since late 2011.  This has resulted in thousands of deaths among men, women and children.  Through new media reports, there is stark evidence of the Syrian military conducting execution style, point blank murder of civilians.  What was initially an act of suppression is now termed a civil war.

The effect of the Syrian conflict could be a nightmare for President Obama.  With only a few months till the American Presidential election, the clock is ticking for Barack Obama to effectively manage the Syrian situation.  If he were to choose a military option, that would contradict a recent statement made by him to avoid war.  Further, the type of military action would be difficult to deploy due to assure civilians were protected.

This is a quagmire for Obama.  It is snarled by Middle East pressure, the United Nations, and military influence from Iran.  These countries are inserting their opinions that are vexing to Obama and the U.S. State Department.  On top of that, Barack Obama has a history of taking way too long to respond to fluid foreign policy issues, like Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan.  Now add that the Syrian government has kicked out diplomats from the West, including Europe and the United States.

Bottom line.  Time is running out for Obama to get on top of this situation.  In a few months, the Syria conflict is likely to become worse.  He is now in serious campaign mode to save his job.  The Romney campaign is likely to start harping about Obama's foreign policy disappointments.  Just picture the situation in Syria in October as the Presidential debates are being held.  My what a mess for Obama to explain to the American people just prior to the election.

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