Sunday, June 24, 2012


Months after the hearings, the Supreme Court is ready to deliver it's much anticipated decision on the "Affordable" Care Act.  The act remains the centerpiece, government boon-doggle of President Barack Obama's administration.

Many legal analysts and former Supreme Court legal eagles predict the decision will be announced this Thursday.  Many already have come to the conclusion that there will be a decision striking a portion of the act.  Now, much of the discussion amongst the public and analysts is how far the Supreme Court will go.  The central part of the act is the mandated insurance premium on citizens.  These premiums are a must for the act to have enough funding to properly dole out all the programs promised.  It is widely agreed that if the Supreme Court strikes down the individual mandate, that the act cannot function on its own.  There were several hundred billion allocated to deploy Obama care, but for it to have longevity, it must have all paying into it.  Therefore, eliminating the mandate would be a death blow to Obama care.

As a review, the actual decision by the Supreme Court was made back in March at the end of the hearings in Washington, D.C.  The justices voted the Friday after the hearings concluded.  Over the months, the Supreme Court has been writing both a supporting and dissenting opinion.  When the formal announcement occurs.  Both positions are presented to provide clarity to the actual decision.

Be prepared for one heck of a political spin by the Obama team if his health care act bites the dust.  Likely he will use the news of a Supreme Court strike down as fuel for his campaign theme that he needs four more years to "finish the job".


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