Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Many continue to speculate over who Mitt Romney will choose for his Vice-President.  Of the names mentioned include:  Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Bob Portman, Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie and some others.  Although the Romney campaign has been tight lipped about their progress a little info has come to light.

Sources such as Fox News' Stephen Hayes and Twitchy's Michelle Malkin report Senator Marco Rubio is no longer being vetted by the Romney Vice-President selection team.  Rubio has long been considered the front runner for the VP position.  Another news source stated Rubio had stopped submitting information for consideration.  Perhaps Mitt Romney has taken Marco's earlier statements of not wanting to be VP to heart.

The American Maverick anticipates further clarification from the Romney campaign and/or directly from Senator Rubio.  Also, with many assets of having Marco Rubio as VP, these claims may be more rumor than fact.

Rubio possesses many attributes that would compliment Mitt Romney.  Rubio has a history of success in politics.  He rose to prominence in Florida politics with Tea Party backing to defeat establishment Republican Charlie Crist for the nomination for U.S. Senate.  Rubio's fluency and heritage as a Hispanic would have also been a strong asset for Romney.  His ability to connect with the public and speak directly without tele-prompting is impressive.  Another great strength would be pulling his popularity in Florida to secure the state for a Romney Presidency.  All in all, Marco Rubio has a bright future ahead as a conservative leader.

Two side stories have also surfaced regarding the VP selection.  Including:
  • Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has been reported as a 'new' name for consideration by the Romney campaign.
  • Another political source is floating a report the Romney campaign has deliberately pushed out the Rubio elimination story to suppress mainstream media attacks on a pending announcement.
Time will tell who Romney's campaign will select.  There's plenty of conservative talent ready to help win the White House.


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