Saturday, June 9, 2012


The ripples in the water are no calmer now just days before Virginia's Primary to select a Republican nominee for United States Senate.  Commercials are crossing the airwaves as the candidates seek to differentiate themselves and motivate their supporters to get out the vote.  The four GOP candidates working hard for the nomination include:  George Allen, E.W. Jackson, Bob Marshall and Jamie Radtke.  The eventual Republican nominee will face former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine in the general election on November 6.

A recent ranking of the four candidates by the Roanoke Tea Party left one of the candidates on the outside.  Jamie Radtke is the former leader of the Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots.  The unifying body of Tea Partys in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Roanoke Tea Party website ranked each candidate based on several parameters.  What is startling is how they submarined former Tea Party leader and current candidate, Jamie Radtke.  The website indicated that Radtke had 'Little/No chance the candidate will uphold the Oath of office.'

This further underscores Radtke's ineffectiveness to draw in Tea Party supporters from within and outside of the Commonwealth.  Tea Party backed United States Senators Tom Coburn and Ron Johnson endorsed former Governor George Allen.  The kingmaker, Sarah Palin, also has not endorsed Radtke's campaign.  The American Conservative Union and National Rifle Association endorsed front runner, George Allen.  Many refer to reasons she has endorsement failure due to her low polling (single digits), disconnect with voters and trailing behind the other three candidates.

Sometimes it's best to let the source do the talking.  Here's the exact posting on the Roanoke Tea Party website regarding the Radtke campaign:
"Jamie Radtke – Little/No chance the candidate will uphold the Oath of Office  We believe Ms. Radtke has a clear grasp of the Constitution, and holds correct positions on the major issues. However, her conduct as Chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation – in particular during the 2010 Virginia Tea Party convention – revealed some disquieting tendencies. Her failure to follow the by-laws of a volunteer organization in order to stifle dissent shakes our confidence that she would uphold her oath."
See for yourself.  The link to the Roanoke Tea Party website is as follows:


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