Friday, June 8, 2012


New media has seized a dominance in American politics and culture.  Bloggers have evolved from commentary rants into serious journalists.   The blogosphere has and continues to make a sustained impact on the flow of news and political information throughout our communities and intrudes upon the agenda of mainstream media.

Conservative bloggers, such as The American Maverick, have become a force to reckon with in the political arena.  Politicians and VIPs now recognize the benefits of establishing relations with bloggers for policy and political means.  Conservative bloggers keep politicians honest with monitoring their votes, statements and campaign activity.  American conservative bloggers are quite united in holding liberal's feet to the fire.  The once power of the pen is now the power of the PC.

So, why a National Bloggers Day of Silence?  Without getting into the specifics of what has occurred nationally, I'll provide a quick overview of the point of this statement.  In short, several American conservative bloggers have been targeted by radical leftists.  The leftists are enraged with the conservative blogger's message pushing back on their progressive agenda.  Conservative bloggers have been targeted individually and leftists have targeted the blogger's family as well.  The leftists have engaged in a insidious attack called SWATing.  What they do is call a 9-11 emergency dispatcher using technology to disguise their phone number with the home phone number of the blogger they are attacking.  There have been instances where the leftist has used the bloggers name saying I have just shot someone at my house, I have a person at gunpoint  or another serious statement which triggers a massive police presence (SWAT) at the unsuspecting blogger or his family.  You could imagine the situation of having   a police SWAT team at your front door, and what position this would put you in to explain something that did not occur.  Leading to a night in jail till the police are satisfied all is well.  And possible sustained police observation following the incident.  How despicable.

National Bloggers Day of Silence.  The point of this day is for national bloggers to communicate this threat to citizen journalists nationwide.  Conservative bloggers for this day will refrain from regular blog posts, Tweets and other new media.  The left wants to silence conservative bloggers and our first amendment rights.  We will give them this day.  In exchange for pounding their tactics and anti-American actions through the media in a united manner.  May our silence be deafening.

All I can say is enjoy the day because November is coming!

Maverick Media is a proud member of National Bloggers, Inc.

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