Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Maverick Media is proud to formally endorse former Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, George Allen, for the United States Senate.  Governor Allen presents very strong conservative principles and the character needed to make a positive impact for the Commonwealth and America on Capitol Hill.

There are several factors which weighed on the decision to endorse.  First of all, the consideration of the major issues facing America.  Including:  economy in doubt, weak job market, overwhelming national debt, energy policy, national security, and global tensions, all were considered as a base for choosing an effective conservative candidate.  Another factor was the ability of the candidate to win the general election.  Finally, another weight was character and connection with the Commonwealth.

Governor Allen possesses the experience and principles to properly address the key issues noted above.  He demonstrated as Governor the ability to promote new businesses and enhance the ability of existing businesses to thrive.  Allen has held numerous business round tables across the Commonwealth.  Time and again, he has listened to business owners and recognizes the barriers to their success and job growth.  He has committed to working through the Senate to repeal regulation and policy which impede the free market.  

Allen sustains his commitment to a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Governor Allen was formerly active on Capitol Hill working to establish the amendment.  He also believes in advancing the Presidential line item veto to curb excessive pork barrel projects.  Governor Allen received a major endorsement from the Senate's budget hawk, Senator Tom Coburn.  Senator Coburn specifically recognized George Allen's commitment to the amendment and debt reduction measures.

Energy is a centerpiece issue for George Allen.  He completely values the many positives for America to have a active energy resource policy.  Allen recognizes many energy sources can lead to a sustained economic boom for the country.  His passion for energy exploration and acquisition is notable.  Natural resources such as coal and oil are key for Virginia's future success with the support of George Allen.

Allen's experience and demeanor will serve America well to address national security and global issues.  Governor Allen served on Capitol Hill during the military authorizations following the tragedy of 9/11.  His ability to author effective legislation and work with credibility are crucial involving security and global concerns.  His commitment to our military is solid for the active and our veterans.

George Allen is positioned to win.  Another factor winning our endorsement is his capability to win versus Democrat Tim Kaine in November.  Allen's communications team is solid, quick and effective.  He has established field coordinators throughout the Commonwealth that are ramping up efforts to connect with voters.  Most impressive has been his and Susan's re-doubled effort to hit the road and talk consistently with Virginia voters.  Allen's political machine is ready and able to earn victory.

We wish George Allen our best for success for November 6 general election.  We encourage Virginians to connect with the campaign at  Now on to victory!

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