Sunday, June 3, 2012


Founder of News Corporation, Rupert Murdock
Okay, most conservatives are tuned in to their trusted sources of info.  Whether it be via internet, paper or TV.  Those going for television news flip through their remote to Fox News as opposed to the polar opposite, MSNBC.

So, is it me, or has Fox News changed?  Changed in relation to the harder edge of reporting to the right.  And, now seeming moderate in tone and tenor.  Save for Sean Hannity's show. Most content seems quite suppressed in comparison to recent years.

When did this take place?  Curiously, around the time Fox News and Glenn Beck parted ways in 2011.  There were and continue to be statements by Beck stating pressure had been boldly applied by of all people, George Soros.  Soros had asked Fox to reduce rhetoric involving his name.  Then, as the news broke regarding News Corps' wire tapping incident via their England based newspapers, the content on Fox News seemed to moderate.  

Another situation gave some credence to a shake down.  A couple of months ago the Fox Business Network cancelled straight talking Judge Andrew Napolitano's show.  Fox said his ratings were not sufficient, yet his ratings were substantial compared to other networks in the same time slot.

Of course, I'll continue my loyal following of Fox News for on-going TV coverage.  Where else would a conservative watch the nightly news?  But I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled for what news content is delivered.

Bottom line.  I think there is pressure on Fox News.  Pressure through the government threatening 'extended' investigations into News Corps' news operations in America.  There are sources indicating the federal government is using the England wire-tapping situation as leverage to hold there thumb on the founder of News Corp, Rupert Murdock.  Nothing like the government threatening to pull your license to broadcast through the FCC.  

Keep watching with due diligence.

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