Thursday, May 24, 2012


Another solid endorsement for the candidacy of George Allen for United States Senate.  Senator Tom Coburn announced his endorsement and strong support for George Allen for Senate.

Senator Coburn's endorsement carries clout when you know where he stands.  First of all, Coburn is not seeking re-election to the U.S. Senate.  Coburn has been sort of a rogue in the Senate since his decision not to return to Capitol Hill.  Hence, Coburn would not mince words or feel establishment pressure to sway his support.  Secondly, Senator Coburn is a debt and deficit hawk.  He is at the top of the list in the Senate about cutting spending and exposing government waste.  This is the key reason his endorsement of George Allen has mojo.  Another is a dig at Democrat Tim Kaine and Tea Party loyalist Jamie Radtke.  Coburn's history as a fiscal hawk throws water on Kaine and Radtke's efforts to paint Allen as a spender.  Coburn's recent rogue tongue would not endorse someone who would not be fiscally strong.  Finally, contender Jamie Radtke has again been snubbed by another heavy weight, Tea Party backed Senator -Tom Coburn.  Yet again, Radtke fails to gain any credibility regarding the national spending.

Here's an excerpt from the formal endorsement for George Allen by Senator Tom Coburn,
“I’m proud to announce my support for George Allen.  He was one of only 14 Senators who stood with me when I led the effort to eliminate funding for the infamous ‘Bridge to Nowhere.’ It didn’t make us popular with many of our colleagues but we did what was right. George is ready to fight Washington’s reckless spending.  Future generations need leaders like George Allen stepping up today, so they won’t be forced to shoulder the burdens of Washington’s continued failures tomorrow.”
Senator Coburn also noted George Allen's strong focus to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Allen has backed the Balanced Budget Amendment since he served as a Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives.  George Allen continued to support the amendment in the Senate including language to authorize Presidential line item veto.  Coburn is the Senate's key author and co-sponsor of legislation for the Balanced Budget Amendment.

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