Wednesday, May 23, 2012


When many Virginians speak of former Governor George Allen, they promptly think of his wife, Susan Allen.  Susan has shown her love for Virginia, not only in support of George's political life, but as a ambassador for the Commonwealth.

Susan has criss crossed the Commonwealth for decades.  Meeting, greeting, and speaking with Virginians.  She, as well as her husband, have had their ear to the ground in every corner of Virginia.  Susan remarked recently that she has clearly noticed changes in the down economy that have effected Virginians.  As she visits civic groups, conservative circles and businesses, the impact of the economy is real to Virginia's former first lady.

Susan Allen stated that George's motivation to return to the Senate is to work for the Virginians based on what they have observed through their interactions with citizens.  Susan Allen stated,
"Our country is at a crucial time.  We see changes happening in Washington that are effecting families and individuals throughout the Commonwealth...that really concern us.  Whether it is mandated health care that's coming down and having a huge fiscal impact on families and businesses, or whether it is regulations that is impacting farmers ability to produce.  Whether it is all the rules and regulations that are coming down on businesses to grow."  Continuing, "...You can go around the Commonwealth and nearly every body will agree, they know somebody, they've talked to somebody or they themselves they've been in this boat.  Where there has not been the job opportunity made to them because of this downturn in the economy."
Susan continued with how George's experience and focus will represent what the citizens of Virginia need.  She stated his commitment to reducing the size of the federal government is key.  Lower regulation will spur small business and job growth.  In addition, his long standing commitment to a balanced budget amendment will curb spending and help to control the national debt.  George's vision to tap into Virginia's energy resources were also mentioned as a boom for the economy and job growth.

As Mrs. Allen spoke it was evident she and George were tuned in to the expectations of Virginians.  She expects positive results through her husband.  With the backing of voters in the upcoming primary and in November, George can focus on taking effective action to the United States Senate.

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