Saturday, May 5, 2012


Sometimes a contrarian point of view can provide perspective, even if a lauded competitor, like Barack Obama, could gain the advantage.  Consider the upcoming decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) on Obama's trillion dollar health care plan.  A strike down by the court may yield more positives than negatives for President Obama.

So, let's roll with the scenario that the Supreme Court rules Obamacare completely unconstitutional.  This may come at some dismay to Obama, yet in a twist it may be just what he needs to win re-election.  Here's a couple of angles to consider:

Gels Obama's support.  Striking down the health care law would help Obama coalesce his base.  Creating sympathy for him and the Democrats to return to power to pass another similar health care bill.  In essence, Obama could use the Supreme Court ruling to rally his left wing base to drive his re-election.

Reduces senior angst.  Right now there are a vast majority of seniors greatly concerned about how Obama's health care policy will adversely effect their medicare and access to their physician of choice.  This significant block of voters is mobilizing as they begin to see the law take away their options.  With the Supreme Court striking down Obamacare, this could diffuse the anxiety of senior voters.  America's health care would return to the tried and true system.  Without Obamacare taking effect, what beef would seniors have against Barack and their health care?  

Surge in jobs & business spending.  Perhaps the biggest payoff for Obama following a Supreme Court defeat could be a upswing in the economy.  Consider this, thousands of businesses of all sizes have been holding back hiring and reserving cash for the impact of Obamacare upon their operation.  With SCOTUS ruling a strike down, businesses could see this as a green light to spend that cash and hire more.  Corporations and small businesses alike could trigger enough short term hiring and spending to significantly elevate key factors such as GDP, labor statistics, inventory, and consumer confidence.  A boost in these economic factors could be just enough for Obama to justify his re-election.

Of course, this is conjecture.  However, it is plausible to see how what most would think as a defeat against Obama could actually turn in to a boost to his campaign.  As mentioned, such action could firm up his base for the election, significantly reduce heat for him with senior voters and possibly be a green light for the economy.

The vexing question posed is: Are you most interested in defeating Obama from re-election?  Or, most interested in having Obamacare ruled unconstitutional?  

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