Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The Romney 2012 campaign announced that Governor Bob McDonnell will be with Mitt Romney for a campaign event in Portsmouth.  The event will focus on the energy resources and the economy.  Specifically, support for businesses to expand operations and job growth.  Romney and McDonnell will kick off the event Thursday at 12:45pm at Crofton Industries of Portsmouth.

What is most interesting is Mitt Romney's apparent test run with Vice-Presidential hopefuls.  Republican  Presidential front runner, Mitt Romney, has been hop scotching through many states with several speculated VP short listers.  Recently, Romney has held several campaign events together with the likes of VP favorite, Marco Rubio.  Romney also has had events with others, including:  Chris Christie, Rob Portman and Kelly Ayotte.  It has been rumored Romney has a short list of about 15 names he is considering.

Now the spotlight turns to Virginia's Governor, Bob McDonnell.  McDonnell could be sought for several key strengths.  The Virginia Governor brings experience as a executive, a record of job & business growth, popularity with a key electoral state, and a winning record as a candidate.  Romney will likely consider his ability to work one on one with McDonnell.

Mitt Romney has made a several stops through Virginia this week.  He had a event in Arlington with supporters focusing on the economy and connecting with grassroots Republicans & conservatives.  Wednesday Romney will hold a public event in Chantilly at Exhibit Edge, a company that produces technology for trade shows and exhibits.

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