Monday, May 28, 2012


Veterans that are with us and the fallen deserve America's time and conscious respect for their sacrifices.  Their labors in harms way have settled the waters of discontent and war. They have defended liberty in many ways and on many continents.  

What is lost is the perspective of our society.  Most Americans will fire up the grill, crack open a beer and kick back for a three day weekend.  Time off is nice, but what do you think has afforded you that liberty?  The defense of our country has provided that to you.  Would you have that same sense of ease in the Middle East? Consider how our society, our lifestyle, our everyday regimen would function if it were not for the freedom to live a comfortable life.

Enjoy your freedom.  Yet, take pause for those who had the grit to defend it.  Enjoy your liberty.  Yet, remember the fallen who gave their all to sustain it.  Enjoy time with your family.  Yet, remember those who came home without limb or with disability to their family.  

Demonstrating our appreciation for the service of our men and women is appropriate and needed in our culture.  America certainly has made long strides in showing our respect since the Vietnam era.  Our challenge is to be diligent in our tribute.

Take time this day on your part or with your family to pause in remembrance.  Whether you go to a local Memorial Day ceremony, parade or post a flag in honor.  Many families take this time to educate their sons and daughters by visiting a museum or memorial.  These are all notable measures to pay tribute.  Yet, one should take Memorial Day further.  Everyday when you see a veteran or active military thank them.  Shake their hand.  And, let them know America appreciates and honors their will to protect our freedom.  This gesture of honor is your way to advance respect and tribute on a personal level, perpetually.

In memorium, we honor the 1.1 million fallen throughout the history of our military that gave their all for America.

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