Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Now, just weeks away from the Virginia Republican primary for the United States Senate, candidate Jamie Radtke is digging in her heels and going for broke in a political act of desperation.  A campaign that has been spinning it's wheels for over a year needs traction.  In these waning days of the hunt for the nomination, what will be the pay off for Radtke and for the Republican party?

Radtke has been on the attack for weeks, well actually day one of her campaign.  She has slung accusations at the GOP front runner from the beginning.    During most of the the GOP Senate candidate debates, she's elevated her shrill tone trying to land a political blow on former Governor George Allen.  Allen never took the bait and kept a positive message.

What is most telling is the response she's received from two of the candidates.  During the Republican debate in Virginia Beach, candidates E.W. Jackson and Bob Marshall consoled her tone and reminded her that all candidates on the stage were Republican.

Her rhetoric is based on her non-establishment banter from her Tea Party roots.  Thumping her non-establishment drum she has thrown the 11th Commandment (Not to attack fellow Republicans) completely out of the window.  

With her campaign remaining in the single digits and campaign funds running low, truly, what does she hope to achieve?  The subject of her attack is more than 50 points above her in polling.  Despite her efforts to springboard her campaign from her Tea Party backing, she has never gained any traction.  And the clock is ticking towards the June 12 primary.  

Radtke's sharp tone and attacks may buck the system, but it's adding ammo for the opposition.  No doubt Democrat opponent Tim Kaine is savoring every attack on George Allen.  Great footage for a media blitz on the Republican this Fall.

As a matter of perspective, Jamie Radtke may be costing the party and herself.  Her longer term prospects for running for office are dimming with each lash against Republicans.  Should she pursue another run for state or federal position, she may have crossed the line of no return to the Republican party.  

Virginia Republicans have a great sense of memory and loyalty.  This girl may have just poked the wrong elephant.

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