Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Inmate No. 11593-051
Federal inmate number 11593-051, Keith Judd, was on the ballot Tuesday challenging Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for U.S. President during West Virginia's 2012 primary.  (By the way, this is no joke.) 

Judd amassed a considerable amount of votes in Tuesday's primary versus the sitting President.  The inmate received 41% of the ballot vote, and won 10 counties.  Judd totaled over 70,000 votes versus over 100,000 votes for President Obama.  This technically qualifies Judd to receive delegate votes for the Democrat National Convention later this year in Charlotte, NC.  According to DNC and West Virginia Democrat rules, he will be eligible to receive delegates after garnering 15% of the vote.  

A quote from the federal inmate after learning of his results said, "I'm going all the way to the convention, baby!  ...You bet the DNC Convention will be fun.  At this rate, I might have enough support for a floor fight!"  Attending the DNC Convention may be out of the question.  Judd, a bona fide citizen of West Virginia, is currently serving a 210 month sentence at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas for dire threats he made in 1999.

President Barack Obama
Some other rather hilarious quotes from Keith Judd are, "If I knew it was this easy to beat Obama, I would have filed in more states."  Judd commented about his ability to communicate to the outside world, "Thanks to my (Democrat) party that funds prison internet cafes...the Twitter account is here."  And a golden line from inmate number 11593-051, "From the Big House to the White House!"

Judd also tweeted directly to Barack Obama's Twitter account the following, "@BarackObama, I hereby announce I will suspend my campaign in exchange for a pardon.  Deal?"

Judd also stated he was taking suggestions for his VP pick.  The American Maverick thought former Democrat candidate and current court defendant, John Edwards, may be his best running mate.

What appears as somewhat of a swipe at Obama, may have a under story.  West Virginia Democrats are profoundly represented by union works in the energy sector.  Rhetoric by Obama and his green energy policies have had a restrictive impact on coal production.  The administration's policies on energy appear to be the catalyst of discontent by West Virginia voters.  If the results of this primary are a forecast for Obama, count West Virginia as a red state for pro-energy Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

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