Sunday, May 13, 2012


A recent Americans for Prosperity rally in Virginia connected the dots of how policy impediments to energy resources have impacted America.  The rally featured speakers Sandy Bourne, formerly of Heartland Institute, and WCHV's Joe Thomas.  They discussed how our country's current state of economy have been affected by gas prices, inflation and our natural resources.  

Sandy Bourne uncovered two notable points of impact by the Obama administration.  One, that the administration is working to raise ethanol standards from 10% to 15%.  Sounds harmless right?  Wrong.  All vehicles can only run on 10% or less ethanol in gasoline.  The complete United States vehicle fleet would need replacement, except for current flex fuel vehicles.  Imagine what that would do to our wallets.  And, how to dispose of all obsolete vehicles.  Secondly, we know EPA and Obama mandates have prevented off shore drilling.  Yet there is more.  The administration is suppressing efforts in Virginia to mine for an extremely good revenue resource-Uranium.  That's right, Uranium.  A core component to nuclear energy. Virginia has the world's seventh largest Uranium deposit.  Uranium exploration and mining would be a major job creator and strong revenue source for the Commonwealth.

WCHV's lead personality and host of the Daily Constitutional, Joe Thomas, addressed the rally talking about individual freedom.  He differentiated Americans from other country's workers.  Citing Americans having the drive to pursue opportunities in a free market.  Noting that American workers are exceptional for applying our skills and  passion to work for the betterment of our families, our community and our country.

The AFP rally was part of a national campaign with the theme, "Stop Tanking America."  AFP Virginia state director, Audrey Jackson, connected with volunteers for support for upcoming election activity.  Visit the AFP Virginia website at

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