Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The Virginia Senate Democrats voted down the Commonwealth's budget in mass during the special session of the General Assembly.  They cited the need to spend another $300 million for road projects on top of the $85 billion budget.  What is most troubling are the tactics deployed by self serving Democrats during this process.

The Commonwealth's budget was passed narrowly the next day by a vote of 21-19.  The passage averts a looming government shutdown that was closer to reality due to the actions of Senate Democrats.

Just the day prior to passage, the Senate Democrats voted en bloc to derail the effort.  Even though there is a 40-40 vote split in the Senate between the Dems and the Republicans, the Democrats chose to have one of their members report as absent.  This was an effort to avoid a tie breaking vote by Republican Lieutenant Governor, Bill Bolling.  The missing Democrat was Senator John S. Edwards of Roanoke.  Senator Edward's nor his staff would comment why the Senator was missing to cast his crucial vote.

Democratic Minority Leader, Senator Richard Saslaw, made a move to block the passage to protect his district's project.  Senator Richard Saslaw(D) of Fairfax was unabashed as to why he was demanding additional funds to reduce the cost of the tolls for the Dulles Toll Road project in his district.  The Democrats  demanded another $300+ million be spent by Virginia taxpayers to pay for the toll mitigation.  
Virginia Senator Saslaw (D-Fairfax)

Senator Saslaw continues to use his leadership position to bring home the bacon for his district.  Saslaw commented just following the initial budget defeat.  Stating,
“It’s not brinkmanship.  What it has to do with is the money for my region’s transportation problems.”
This delay by the Democrats caused headaches and utter frustration statewide.  County and city governments statewide were on hold with their own final budgets until the Commonwealth confirmed funding for thousands of services.  This has been very troublesome for many counties who are now considering tax increases to offset the impact of funding gaps.

It is curious how the Democrats know how to spend in Washington and Virginia.  This selfishness proves how they'll resort to all measures to keep spending taxpayer dollars in Virginia.

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