Monday, April 9, 2012


Many times we hear media analysts cast accusations and assumptions about the intentions of President Barack Obama.  Many have thrown doubts about Obama's underlying actions which seem to counter his words.  Yet many Americans will cringe at the arousal of the notion of Barack Obama's religious backing.

However, when words and deeds align from the source, what once was hype and conjecture turn to clarity and reality.  Let us not add to the controversy.  Yet, let us not not ignore what the mainstream media suppresses.  Let us not shy away from what the Presidents's administration is actively blocking.  Let us not turn away from the words and deeds of Barack Obama.   

In a turn of technology, a video caught my attention not just for the content, but for somewhat of a power play by the President's administration.  Apparently the Obama administration has taken action to block airing the video from broadcast on Fox News. Fox's Sean Hannity has been working to air this footage for some time.  Yet, pressure from the administration has positioned Fox News from airing the YouTube video.  The full YouTube video of Obama's news clips has never been televised on a national broadcast.  In addition, there has been pressure placed on YouTube to pull the video from public view.  The video has been viewed over 6.5 million times on YouTube.

The video contains footage from several news sources of President Barack Obama talking about the Muslim faith.  It may appear controversial, yet the video uses Obama's own words in many ways to expose what many believe are validations of his support beyond the superficial of Islam.

Again, this is not an attempt to be controversial.  This is bringing to light what the Obama administration is actively suppressing.

Now you can make your own judgement.  The YouTube video is 9 minutes 57 seconds in length.  Just click play>>>

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