Tuesday, April 10, 2012


After last year's significant earthquake near Mineral, Virginia, further questions are being raised about the prevalence of quakes in America.

The 5.8 magnitude earthquake event in Virginia on August 23, 2011, is the accent to a now recognizable pattern of quakes throughout the United States.  Virginia has now experienced over 100 'aftershocks' from the August event.  What seismologists are now stating is concern over the consistent activity in Virginia and other usually 'quiet' areas of America.  

In various areas of the Midwest, random yet concentrated series of quakes has been on the rise.  For instance, Clintonville, Wisconsin, has had an unusual series of loud quakes that is still continuing today.  A group of seismologists are referring to the unusual Earth sounds in Wisconsin as a building of pressure for a significant event.  Quakes have also been more prevalent in other states that are usually quiet.  Including:  Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arkansas, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.

A group of former USGS seismologists had envisioned a series of quakes throughout the Western Hemisphere that would lead to a major quake in California, the Midwest or perhaps the east coast.  The experts agreeing with this theory cite the major Haiti earthquake in January of 2010, as the catalyst for starting a major event in this hemisphere.  What was particular about the 7.0 magnitude Haiti quake was the significant shift of the Earth's tectonic plates during that event.  This shift has caused a sustained increase of earthquakes in the Caribbean and now the United States.  

Today at 10:00am is a prime example of the level of heightened activity.  Here is a list of the locations and number of quakes in North America.  Including:  Oklahoma (2), Montana (1), Puerto Rico (5), Dominican Republic (5), Virgin Islands (8), California (6). Washington state (1), Wisconsin (1), and sustained activity in Mexico (6).  Magnitudes range from 3.3 in Oklahoma to 4.4 in Mexico.

Time and observation will tell as to the seriousness of this earthquake activity.  One can monitor the activity of earthquakes for your own curiosity at the USGS website:  www.USGS.gov.

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