Friday, April 6, 2012


President Barack Obama made comments dissuading the Supreme Court of the United States of America.  His statements were divisive in nature as the Supreme Court Justices are now working to write the supporting and dissenting opinions regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.

The Supreme Court justices made their decision privately on March 30.  The nine justices were polled to reach a decision as to the constitutionality of the commonly referred to Obamacare.  They were deciding whether the act violated law by mandating each American to buy in to the health care plan.  In addition, the justices determined whether they would strike down the entire act.  Although the justices made the decision in private, they have staff that help them write the supporting and dissenting opinions.  Once the opinions are completed, the decisions are made public.  Typically, the Supreme Court announces their decisions to the public in June.

Reports from Fox News and Reuters indicate the President may know the Supreme Court's decision.  Reporters and analysts indicate Obama's knowledge of the decision has caused him to go public with criticism. His remarks may be the start of a White House campaign to publicly trounce the image of the court prior to the June announcement.

Somewhat timely was the push back delivered from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Following Obama's statements which cast his doubt on the authority of the court, a three justice panel of the Fifth Circuit  required the Department of Justice to document the authority of the court.  Justice Jerry Smith from the Fifth Circuit ordered a Department of Justice attorney to produce a letter acknowledging the authority of a court to rule a law unconstitutional.  The Fifth Circuit was referencing Obama's statements denouncing court authority.  

Are you surprised with the remarks of Obama versus the Supreme Court?  Some see this as a natural reaction of 'Chicago style politics' where "you hit me and I hit you back twice as hard.'  Perhaps of preview of the spewing of words to come for the 2012 election.  Or is there more to the story?

What is relevant is the rearing of the progressive ideology of Barack Obama.  Remember, progressivism is the belief that the Constitution or 'old' law is irrelevant to the current needs of a nation.  Literally they want to progress away from the Constitution to a new form of free flowing government.  Now, why would a progressive President have any respect for a Supreme Court who exercises authority based on a 'old' piece of paper like the Constitution?  Also, remember, Barack verbally scoured the Supreme Court justices about another decision during last year's the State of the Union speech.

So, if reports are true, and Obamacare has been struck down by the Supreme Court, be ready for the White House to begin a campaign of damage control.  Attacks may be interjected between now and June to cushion the public blow to Obama.  They may work to blame it all on the Supreme Court.  I can picture Obama's communications director, David Axelrod, working now to coordinate media efforts to frame the Supreme Court as an 'old' system of law that is out of touch with America.  All referring back to the progressive doctrine.

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