Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Feature Expose' by Flint Engleman, Editor-in-Chief

When America looks at the occupy movement, what is the take away?  Was it a protest that went out of control?  Was it a movement against banking and corporations?  How about a peaceful movement that was co-opted by the extreme left?  Knifing through the media haze now reveals a more devious intent of the occupy movement.

Clearly, when you sift through the murky ideals purported by a majority of protesters, the occupiers could not collectively voice their sole purpose.  From cities big and small, reporters asked the protesters, why are you here and what is your beef?  Occupy Wall Street touted excesses of the banking industry and corporations.  Occupiers in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle and many other locations espoused social outrage and class warfare rhetoric.  There are many documented reports of occupy individuals participating for cash, shelter (homeless), access to drugs, sex, just to be on television and, yes, the violence.  

This leads to a more factual look at what was left in the wake of the occupy movement.  From coast to coast, there were over five-thousand arrests of occupiers by law enforcement.  Arrests ranged from trespassing to rape to assault.  Aside from the general trespass arrests and lewd acts, there were over 300 counts of documented violence as reported by Big Government editor, John Nolte.  To make it vivid, let's spell it out.  Charges not limited to:  rape, drug trafficking, child neglect, acts of racism, sodomy, destruction of private and government property, assault on police officers, bomb making, arson, looting, inciting a riot, and more.  There are many incidents of rogue groups targeting and taunting law enforcement officers in most large cities.  In addition, there are documented reports that these violent offenders are known violent anarchists.  These anarchists have prior police records across America and some internationally.  Their records include assault, inciting riots, destruction of property, and arson.  Some are known radicals on FBI watch lists.

The core result of occupy was public discourse and economic destruction.  Invariably, these are values of anarchy.  In New York City, the Zuccotti Park protest caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of loss to small businesses that were either destroyed or forced to close.  In addition, several thousand jobs of businesses at Zuccotti were lost, and many not recovered.  In Washington, D.C., occupiers took over Freedom Square.  When D.C.'s Metropolitan police department moved to disband the protesters, a radical group retaliated lobbing Molotov cocktail bombs over The White House fence.  One radical, Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, was arrested for shooting a rifle at The White House.  There was destruction and dismay in San Francisco as well.  At Frank Ogawa Park in San Francisco, there was incredible damage to business and government structures.  Not to mention the negative impact to the local economy.  In addition, consider the massive budgetary impact for law enforcement upon already cash strapped cities.  

Many cities at first welcomed the occupy movement as it typically began in a peaceful manner.  However, as the movement became co-opted by radicals and outside doomsayers.  These municipalities had no choice but to suppress and remove the occupiers.  

So, now, perhaps you have moved beyond the media staged photos and reports of peaceful, civil disobedience.  What perhaps started as a movement against corporate excess, clearly moved to a movement based on anarchy and chaos.

Which leads to, what forces of influence spawned this movement?  As documented by Citizens United, Big Government and other centrist media sources, the initial Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest was instigated by Canadian based, Adbusters Media Foundation.  Adbusters receives its funding from the Tides Foundation which was founded by radical leftist billionaire, George Soros.  The Tides Foundation had strong ties to the 2011 Egyptian revolution and the "Arab Spring".  Adbusters went forward to proliferate the movement from coast to coast.  There are documented reports and fluid communications between Adbusters, many left wing groups and union officials depicting a collective effort to cause disruption and expand the movement.  Many groups actively engaged with the more radical edge include: Anonymous,  American Socialist Party, Communist Party USA, Code Pink, former ACORN activists, and many union activists from SEIU, IWW and the AFL-CIO.  Occupy connections to the highest level of government have been exposed by Examiner columnist, Kevin Hall.  Communications between AFL-CIO President Richard Trumpka, former SEIU President Andy Stern and the White House have been identified.  Communications  were coordinated to enhance media coverage to support occupy protests and to foster public Democrat endorsements of the occupy movement.

Exposing the occupy movement for its violence, economic destruction and co-opting by radical powers is vital.  Americans should work to understand the radical groups involved with such disruptive protests in our society.  Be it known, where there are anarchists, there is an agenda.  As citizens may we work to defend  our liberties, protect our  republic and exercise our rights to hold political leaders accountable to their oath of office and the Constitution.

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