Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Space Shuttle Discovery's Retirement Flight to Dulles
Another strike at the heart of the America has been accomplished by President Barack Obama.  This time Obama's success to further America's 'progress' has closed down the most dynamic and frontier breaking initiative-the United States manned space flight program.

The decision was reached sometime ago to shut down the manned space flight program in America.  Obama's administration worked amidst the fray of a brittle economy in 2010 when all attention was on the financial market and job loss.  

A program to revitalize manned space flight grounded.  In 2004, President George Bush designated a new program to continue a new phase of American manned space flight.  The Constellation program created by the Bush Administration would have evolved the shuttle program to continue manned space flight.  In October of 2010, the Obama administration and the Democrat led House and Senate approved the NASA Authorization Act which ended the Constellation program and American manned space flight.

The ending of the manned space program is a economic bust.  Over 20,000 NASA employees will lose their jobs in Florida, Houston and Alabama.  An estimated 10,000-15,000 private support jobs for the manned flight program will also be lost.  In addition, the communities surrounding the three space centers will suffer due to less NASA employees eating, entertaining and shopping

America is now dependent on other countries such as Russia to send and retrieve our Astronauts from the International Space Station.  They are hoping private companies will provide recreational flights just outside of the Earth's atmosphere for interested citizens.  

A group of several former Astronauts are incensed.  American Astronauts from early missions such as Mercury and Apollo to current Shuttle Astronauts have become more outspoken about the Obama administration's actions to end manned flight.  Many former Astronauts that are normally very quiet and reserved are stepping up with their voice to continue manned space flight.  Two famous Astronauts include Neil Armstrong and John Glenn.

The Obama appointed NASA Administrator and former Astronaut, Charles Bolden, has proven a tool of the administration.  The ending of the NASA space shuttle program was termed a 'necessary move to focus on other space priorities.'  You may recall Charles Bolden's comments during a June, 2010, on-air interview with the Muslim operated Al Jazeera television network.  He stated that his goals were to, 
"...inspire international relationships with NASA, and to reach out to the Muslim world, making better known its historic contribution to science."
On April 17, 2012, the Space Shuttle Discovery was transported from Florida's Kennedy Space Center to be displayed as a museum display at the Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian Center in Chantilly, Virginia.  Discovery was Americas most traveled space orbiter.  Having flown 39 successful missions since 1984, Discovery amassed a cumulative total of 365 days in space.  Discovery's final landing from space occurred on March 9, 2011, following mission STS-133.

Was this move economic or political?  Politics is the name of the game with progressive Barack.  What is the coincidence of having a progressive President?  And, ending the manned flight program?  Remember, one of the tactics of the progressive left is to minimize or eliminate the past to progress to the future.  Progressivism lurks at every opportunity to blur past American foundations.  Stripping away the America we love.  Whether it is the Space Shuttle or the U.S. Constitution, this President will not hold back his efforts to advance his political belief of the progressive left.

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