Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Democrats cannot help themselves.  They've exhausted their ideas and now are falling all over themselves to distract America from three plus years of an ideology gone awry.  

Almost textbook in what would happen, it is happening again.  Democrats, liberals, progressives, whatever you want to call them, always resort to hyping seemingly tabloid issues to cover their policy faults.  One very sad example is the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.  Don't get me wrong, the shooting was a tragedy.  However, the timing of all of the left's key elements to pile on to the situation is beyond the pale.  Soon after the incident you quickly saw the left backed media feature the story in every way.  Soon leftist members of Congress are holding press conferences to pass judgement on the situation without a speck of justice from the Florida courts.  Of course, President Obama made his opinion well known.  Then, you see the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson down in Florida drumming up the anxiety and anger of the black community.  And, now we see the black panthers putting a cash bounty on the assailant's head.  

Although the Florida shooting may seem as a sensitive example, the timing is curious.  What key policy issue was on trial all last week?  The answer is the decision on the Democrat's exalted health care act being reviewed by the Supreme Court.  Where was the President during the Supreme Court hearings?  Obama was out of the country.  Far from any possible media scrutiny in South Korea.  A third curious question, if you were a politician facing scrutiny over a policy (health care act), what strategy would you take to diminish the effect?  Answer, the long held political tactic of the left of muddying the water.  Since the left quickly exhaust their political capital, they resort to targeting a individual with personal attacks (like Rush Limbaugh) or picking a hot button social issue (Trayvon's shooting, contraception debate, etc.) to distract the public from the left's policy failures.  All to shield them from imploding in the public's eye.  An effort to obscure the reality.  To give the left a pass from scrutiny.  This is not new.  This is the work of the progressive movement to advance  policy amidst obscurity.

Failed policies indeed.  After three or so years of throwing trillions, yes, trillions of American taxpayer's hard earned money into government coffers, there is little for the left to thump their chests.  From spending almost a trillion dollars in a stimulus plan to wreaking havoc on our health care system to printing the U.S. dollar into oblivion, the left are gasping for something of substance to hold on to.

Clearly, the left is holding out their hopes of advancing their agenda till after the November general election.  You will see an elaborate campaign continue to pull the wool over the public's eyes through November.  They are out of gas and reaching for solutions now that their ideology is on thin ice.  With the media supporting their intentions, they have previously and may now have the will and the experience of pulling off another election cycle of smoke and mirrors.

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