Sunday, April 22, 2012


Allen with Sen. Johnson & Mrs. Elliott
During a busy day on the campaign trail, U.S. Senate candidate George Allen received a timely endorsement from United States Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI).  Senator Johnson made the formal endorsement as  Allen addressed business groups in Hampton and Richmond.

Senator Johnson cited many aspects of George Allen's character and experience needed to make positive change in the United States Senate.  Johnson spoke directly about George Allen's commitment to move forward with a balanced budget amendment.  In addition, he noted Allen's experience with energy policy and small business development would be key to positively impact the economy.  Senator Johnson remarked,
"George Allen has a record of standing up for job creators and fighting against Washington's job destroying regulations and overspending that is threatening the survival of small businesses in Virginia and across the country.  I look forward to having George Allen as a partner in the U.S. Senate."
What is most interesting with the Johnson endorsement is the Senator's strong backing from the Tea Party.  Senator Johnson was one of the key candidates supported by the Tea Party during the 2010 Senate race in Wisconsin.  The Tea Party element of the endorsement for Allen was most welcomed.  Allen's endorsement by Johnson was a definite failure of Senate challenger Jamie Radtke.  Radtke could not earn Johnson's favor, despite her claim to fame as a Tea Party activist.

Senator Johnson and George Allen conducted a small business round table meeting later in Richmond.  A variety of businesses commented how there ability to generate profit or expand there business due to government regulation.  Many remarked how they are paying just as much or more in compliance expense versus taxes.  The business owners continued stating they were trying there best to keep the employees they have.  However, the owners agreed that the looming expense of Obamacare would further take away there ability to have budgets to support current payrolls.
George Allen leading business round table in Richmond

The business round table was held at the famous Virginia barbecue chain, Bill's Barbecue.  The restaurant chain has been adversely impacted due to the down turn in the economy.  Owner of the restaurant chain, Mrs. Rhoda Elliot, remarked how the last three years have been very troubling to their operation.  Bill's Barbecue had to close 5 of 8 locations in 2012, due to the adverse impact of the economy.  The restaurant chain has been in business in Virginia since 1930.

George Allen wrapped up a successful day.  He obtained a significant endorsement from a key Tea Party advocate.  And, he had a great day of direct interaction with Virginia's business owners.  

All in all, Allen is upbeat and working hard to win for Virginia.  His sights are on the Republican nomination, yet he's geared to earn the trust of Virginian's to return conservative principles to the United States Senate.


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    1. Thanks, Linda! This is a very important election year for America. Providing info and insight to the electorate will help all become focused and engaged.



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