Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Virginians know George Allen.  He has served as Governor, U.S. Senator, Congressman and Delegate.  He and his wife, Susan, have crisscrossed the Commonwealth for decades supporting businesses, communities and goodwill with citizens.  His service to the Commonwealth is serving him well as he campaigns to return to the United States Senate.

The media effect of this year's election for U.S. Senate all point to a show down between George Allen and Tim Kaine.  Electronic, print and new media all are working with the assumptive nomination of Republican George Allen versus Democrat Tim Kaine.  

Media coverage of lesser known Republican candidates for Senate such as E.W. Jackson, Bob Marshall and Jamie Radtke, is luke warm at best.  Most coverage of the other GOP candidates appears regional and remote.  Although most of the other candidates for the GOP nomination have been campaigning for about a year, they have never gained significant traction for name recognition among Virginia voters.  Further diminishing their ability to mount a significant media following or ground swell of voter support to sustain enough political capital to challenge George Allen for the Republican nomination on June 12.

As the June 12th Republican primary draws closer Virginians will have opportunities to hear from all of the candidates seeking the GOP nomination.  A series of debates between the four Republican candidates is quickly approaching.  Debates are scheduled as follows:  April 28 in Roanoke, May 11 in Hampton, and May 25 in Northern Virginia.

Polling firms also point to George Allen as the Republican nominee for Senator.  Although a few polls in mid 2011 included Jamie Radtke versus Kaine, now polling firms are focused on George Allen.  Recently, George Allen edged out Tim Kaine in a Rasmussen poll.  The poll conducted of likely Virginia voters gave a 2% margin of victory to George Allen.  Allen also won against Kaine in recent months in polls conducted by the Richmond Times Dispatch and Roanoke College.  The Real Clear Politics average shows George Allen and Time Kaine tied.  

Although the Republican primary looms over the nomination, the momentum and support of George Allen as the eventual Republican nominee appears strong and imminent.

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