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Of the Virginia candidates vying for the Republican nomination for United States Senate, newcomer Jamie Radtke is considered a tangible factor to challenge George Allen.  Although many may welcome a newbie to the process, the thought of having a candidate with so many questions about her competency to win is a overwhelming concern.  Republicans cannot afford to have a candidate with an unproven record to win versus Democrat Tim Kaine in November.

Jamie Radtke 
A quick bio for Radtke reveals a good education, yet lacking in valid experience to serve as a United States Senator.  Radtke is a resident of Chesterfield County.  She is married with three children whom she home schools.  She was born in 1973, and is age 39.  She graduated Liberty University in 1995, then achieved a Masters degree from William and Mary in 1998.  She worked through a variety of positions since her graduation.  Some of the groups she gained employment include:  American Management Systems, Virginia Conservative Action PAC, and a political business named Sovereign Consulting.  Her big claim to fame is her leadership to operate the Richmond Tea Party.  She went forward to Chair the Federation of Virginia Tea Party Patriots. Politically, she has never held an publicly elected office.

Now let's analyze various aspects which reveal a troubled candidacy for Jamie Radtke.

Name Recognition.  Who knows her?  If you are in the Tea Party or plugged in to Virginia politics you know  of her.  Otherwise, her main challenge in seeking the nomination and moving to a show down with Tim Kaine is that Virginia really doesn't know her or her background.  She has been working to get her name out there since last summer, but she can't gain traction.  If she were to be the GOP nominee, her campaign would have to spend millions to market her statewide.  This would expend precious funds needed to campaign against Democrat and former Governor Tim Kaine.

Politics.  She is a Tea Party activist through and through.  There's no doubt about that.  That's her claim to fame in Virginia.  She has conservative beliefs that resonate with the right.  However, she possesses a doctrine of divisiveness that has permeated through the Tea Party to Republican units throughout Virginia.  This Tea Party mindset is so obsessed with the anti-establishment movement that they have internally canabalized formerly sound, local Republican units.  Many Republican units are still working to repair their internal operations due to this movement.

Experience.  Or, the lack thereof.  She has only held a series of positions for political groups since receiving her Masters degree in 1998.  Some of her work titles include director and campaign consulting.  As a reminder she has only campaigned for candidates.  She has never held a elected public office.  Therefore, she lacks the expertise needed to create, navigate and sponsor legislation in the United States Senate.  Compare that to George Allen who has served as a U.S. Congressman, Senator, Virginia Delegate and chief executive for Virginia.  Now, her lack of experience becomes a direct target for the Democrats and Tim Kaine. 

Money.  She already has blown through hoards of cash attempting to get her name out there in Virginia.  Her campaign is on its last legs as she slides into the closing weeks of the GOP primary.  One Republican candidate stated she was months behind paying campaign bills.  Now, how would she mount a major campaign versus Tim Kaine when she will need millions to have a chance?  Remember, she still needs a lot of bucks to improve name recognition.

Former Governor & DNC Chair Tim Kaine
Campaign Challenges.  She has a sleek looking bus, will go heels deep in the mud to shake hands and hits all the local county fairs.  Is this enough?  No, of course not.  As mentioned her campaign for the nomination is running on fumes.  She's put a lot of miles on the bus, but where's the pay off for her?  Also, there are questions as to her ability to stand toe to toe against Tim Kaine through November.  Especially through a series of high profile debates.  Again, her failure to have served as an elected public official in any capacity comes into play.

In total, Jamie Radtke has given it a good try, but the stakes are far to high to take a gamble.  Of course, many are screaming, 'But she's an outsider!  That's a good thing.'  I can see the push from her ideology that her anti-establishment gumption may be a big play for Tea Party supporters.  However, I would not be surprised if the Democrats turn her Tea Party fame into a stigma of extremism and radical notions.  Just look at how Obama, George Soros and the Democrats on a national level have painted Tea Party candidates as extreme.  In addition, due to the veracity of the impending Senate campaign, Kaine will certainly exploit her lack of executive and legislative experience.  So, before Jamie could finish basking in the glow of a wishful GOP candidacy, Kaine and the left will slice and dice her short comings into oblivion.

Therefore, Republicans in our dear Commonwealth will soon realize that Radtke might have the chords to toe the conservative line, but she lacks the true grit and experience to go the distance to win back a key seat on a national level for the United States Senate.

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