Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Time for a quick time warp.  To January of 2013.  And the consideration of a scenario. A positive look a what could happen for America with the Republicans winning control of the Presidency, the United States Senate and gaining seats in the U.S. House.

This full blown scenario will roll with the notion that more conservative Republicans will gain seats in Congress. This will be even more crucial in the Senate. The Republicans will need more true conservatives to drive the bills necessary to curb spending, balance the budget, secure Medicare./Medicaid, immigration reform, tax reform, tort reform, health care reform and more! The Republican Presidential victor will need a Republican controlled House and Senate to enact quick change on many issues. In fact, the GOP will need to attempt to grab 60 seats in the Senate to prevent Democrat filibusters on legislation.

The Presidency. We're going with the scenario that Barack Obama loses in a closer vote than some would like to admit. The Republican President-elect will see positive signs well before he takes office. I will say the financial markets and corporations will respond very positively to a Republican win almost immediately after the election. So, heading into late November and through December businesses that have hunkered down due to Obama rule, will now open their capitalist purse strings. Not only will the stock market see an impressive spike, but businesses will begin to unleash orders for equipment and inventory they had previously resisted.
The Republican Presidential winner will need to act quickly to ready his alliances with the House and Senate to green light legislation on multiple points. Most of the GOP candidates have already stated they would work soon after the election with Congress to get legislation rolling to free up government restrictions that will unleash business and job growth. In addition, the President will work with Congress to enact day one repeals of Obama restrictions that have tied up economic growth and energy production. If Obamacare still exists by Inauguration Day, the President can issue an immediate waiver by executive order to all citizens. As soon as Congress generates a bill repealing Obamacare, the President can sign it. This health care repeal would stabilize the insurance & medical community as well as further reassure businesses of their insurance costs. All helping to quickly fuel a robust recovery.

Energy will be a key issue the first 100 days of the Presidency. The Republican President with a Republican Congress can act quickly to dramatically increase energy resource exploration that will in itself be a economic boom for America. Projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, off shore drilling, hydro-fracturing, and ANWAR all could see a quick green light from the White House. These actions would level the world pricing of oil and position America to be a true self-sufficient source. No longer dependent on foreign resources.

Budget reform. This may be the most politically charged times in Congress. Incredible cuts will be required to set our nation's budget in line. That is why Republicans with strong fiscal conservative principles will be so important. These are a sample of fiscal overhaul that is necessary, including: balanced budget, balanced budget amendment, tax code reform, financial reform of Medicare/Medicaid, and more. Other pressing issues they will need to tackle include: immigration, social security, energy, and health care reform.

All of this will take incredible backbone and a commitment from the President and Congress to work with urgency and to act in the best interest of the United States, not their political careers.

This is a positive spin of the 'what ifs' of American politics. What we as citizens must realize is we have an obligation to vote and to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions after election day. We have two months to make a difference in the direction of our country. What will you do to save our republic?

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