Thursday, March 15, 2012


As I contemplated the approach to cover my recent interaction with U.S. Senate candidate, George Allen (R-VA), I decided to reflect on his character and my personal observations.  

George Allen is a Virginian from the heart.  From my time of knowing him as a resident in Earlysville, Virginia, he has been the best advocate and cheerleader for the many attributes that makes the Commonwealth of Virginia great.  He consistently promotes the business opportunities, culture and history that makes Virginia a great place to live, work and play.  His wife, Susan, also has delivered her love for Virginia.

He started his political career serving as member of Virginia's House of Delegates representing 'Mr. Jefferson's" district in Charlottesville.  He then served as Congressman representing the Virginia 5th District.  His next success was serving as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  As Governor, he worked diligently to attract and expand businesses which bolstered the economy and job production.  In addition, he was a leader with assuring crimes were reduced and leveled with strong sentencing standards.  George continued to serve Virginia as a U.S. Senator.  He served well as he worked with senior Senator from Virginia, John Warner.  As Senator, Allen introduced many bills.  Bills of note, include:  Balanced budget amendment, line item veto authorization, and long-term care act.

His persona is, in one word, genuine.  I have known or observed many politicians who look and sound well on stage, but behind the scenes only care about the vote, not the people or the state they serve.  This is not the character of George Allen.  George Allen is the same man from the time he starts his day till the day is done.  For example, when most politicians come to an event their handlers limit access to the public.  Not George.  When he arrives to a local event for a speech, if he has staff with him, they will stand back and let George take the limelight.  I have observed him arrive at events, shake hands, have real conversations with supporters and deliver a spirited speech.  His speeches are always laced with the many opportunities Virginia offers.  Afterwards, he'll return to one on one conversations with citizens. At times he is so involved with conversations, his staff has to gently nudge him to on to the next event.

In this day of cynicism and disgust of politics, it is refreshing to know a man for his character and positive attributes.  George Allen is a man of character and integrity.  From his boots to his family heritage of football to his horse rides on the Fourth of July, George Allen exudes all that a Virginian can deliver.  Now, more than ever, we need an advocate for Virginia values and conservatism.  We need George Allen to return to the U.S. Senate to turn the tide of cynicism with optimism and backbone.


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