Monday, March 12, 2012


Governor Chris Christie
As most are focused on the top of the ticket Republican candidates, how about the options for Vice-President?  A quick analysis will reveal a short list of talented picks.  However, matching the right VP with the Presidential candidate's ideals and identifying campaign assets (Voter influence and regional appeal) of the VP candidate, will be key in making the ultimate choice. 

Let's run through some of the key aspects of each Republican candidate.  Who would be the best compliment to a businessman from Massachusetts like Romney?  Who would be able to work cooperatively with the free wheeling style of Newt Gingrich?  Santorum's running mate may need the ability to attract independents, moderates, and women.  One running with Ron Paul would have to be able to accept his foreign policy beliefs and libertarian tendencies.

Congressman Allen West
Here's a short list of possible candidates.  Including:  former businessman Herman Cain, Governor Chris Christie (NJ), Governor Mitch Daniels (IN), Governor Bob McDonnell (VA), former Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Rand Paul (KY), Senator Marco Rubio (FL), and Congressman Allen West (FL).  Good compliments to Romney would be Christie, McDonnell, Paul or Rubio.  Newt would be looking at Rubio, West or maybe Herman Cain.  Santorum could match up with Rubio, West or Daniels.  Sarah Palin's ambitions are unknown.  She chose to not run for President.  Yet, she and her husband are backing Newt Gingrich.  And, another VP option may be one of the Presidential candidates.  Yet another is the wild card choice that no one saw coming.

Senator Marco Rubio
Many conservative pundits and voters are zeroing in on Marco Rubio.  Like many top tier picks, Marco is presently playing down his chances.  Senator Rubio is known to most conservatives.  Yet, most of the country does not.  So, name recognition may be a challenge.  However, as the Senator from Florida, he would deliver his key delegate rich state on Election Day.  Marco is a dynamic and passionate speaker.  His ability to connect with the Hispanic community would also be a plus.

With the Republican Presidential nomination process continuing, all we can do is 'arm chair quarterback' the possibilities for Vice-President.  As the actual nominee becomes apparent, matching their strengths and weaknesses with the possibles for VP will be interesting all the way to the RNC Convention.

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