Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Tuesday's primaries in the deep south produced victories for Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  Santorum captured the most votes in Alabama and Mississippi.  Yes, Rick can celebrate the win, but let's look beyond the outcome and where the GOP nomination stands.

First let's take a look at Tuesday's results.  Santorum won Alabama with 35% of the vote.  Romney and Gingrich tied at 29% with Ron Paul finishing with 5%.  Mississippi brought Santorum 33% of the vote.  Gingrich edged out second with 31%, and Romney was third with 30%.  Ron Paul finished fourth with 4%.  

With both primaries allocating proportional delegates, not much changed overall.  Remember, it's all about the delegates, not just winning the most votes.  For Alabama, here's the delegate spread:  Santorum 17, Romney 15 and Gingrich 15.  For Mississippi, Santorum 13 delegates.  Romney and Gingrich earned 12 each.

Here's a quick once over of what's happening with this nomination process:
  • Santorum's enjoys two wins.  Yet, splits delegates almost evenly with Newt and Mitt.
  • Ron Paul performed horribly.  He could only muster 5% of the vote and no delegates.
  • Newt was supposed to win both.  He won none.  Newt is very low on funds and this could close the door on more $$$$.
  • Mitt Romney needed a southern win and failed.  Yet, he continued to accumulate nice delegate gains.
  • Exit polls show if Newt were not running, Santorum would be much more competitive versus Romney.
  • Ron Paul is toast.  He still has not won a single state.  His numbers on a rapid decline as time goes by.
  • Mitt Romney still has a large overall lead with delegates.  Approximately 250 more overall than second place Santorum.
Bottom line, nice wins for Santorum.  Which will more than likely translate into much needed increases in cash contributions.  Newt is sputtering.  The momentum clearly going to Santorum.  Mitt is still on top with delegates, but could use a couple of consecutive wins.  Ron Paul gave it a good try, but when you run the delegate numbers and his lack of victory, he needs to end his novelty run for the nomination.

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