Thursday, March 29, 2012


Unbeknowst to most, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich had a private meeting in Louisiana last Saturday.  The media was kept at bay with the campaign staff leaking some details on Monday.  

Here is what was divulged.  Romney and Gingrich did in fact talk directly.  They assessed the progress of each campaign and where they were positioned with delegates.  Romney did not offer Gingrich a cabinet position.  Nor did he offer to pay off over $1 million in debt racked up by Gingrich's campaign.  What was agreed to was minimal.  Gingrich agreed to tone down his rhetoric against Romney.  And to focus more verbiage on Obama and defeating Obama in November.  That's what we know.

I find this meeting somewhat of a paradox for all the fire Newt has been blowing towards Romney.  Newt has been on somewhat of a vendetta versus Romney since the Iowa caucuses.  Gingrich was infuriated following a barrage of advertising in Iowa by Romney, Paul and Perry that bounced Newt out of the limelight.  The additional campaign ad blitzes in Florida by Romney seemed to quickly diminish the ability of Gingrich to gain any further traction for the nomination.

This meeting seems to be a turning point for Gingrich.  Maybe some kind of a 'Come to Jesus moment'.  With Gingrich finally realizing that mathematically and politically he has no chance of winning the GOP nomination.  In fact, Gingrich would have to win 92+% of all remaining delegates to have a prayer to win.  Further realization to Gingrich's decline is the dramatic decline in the amount of media following in his campaign press pool.  The last remaining newspaper reporter dropped coverage of Gingrich last week.

Perhaps more evidence from the meeting.  Tuesday night, the Gingrich campaign leaked they are dramatically cutting their staff by a third and scaling down their campaign operations.  A source reported Gingrich was replacing his campaign manager this week.  Gingrich has limited events scheduled in upcoming primary states.

We'll have to wait and see what Newt will do.  Perhaps he will need to go out and demonstrate his toned down rhetoric about Romney for a while.  

The political clock is ticking for Newt.  The more delegates Romney accumulates, the farther Newt will be from having any clout to participate in a Romney administration.

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