Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Wake up America!  There's more to your President than maybe you know.  You're aware of his deficiencies on the economy, energy, health care, budget/spending, gun control, immigration, foreign policy, and so on.  You can judge him for his ideology and political tactics.  Now, have you heard about his treatment of the female persuasion?  That is what this article will address.

More is coming to light about the treatment of women by Barack Obama and many men in his administration.  You would think a conservative reporter or blogger would have exposed this behavior.  No.  This has been brought to the surface by the left.  Women who have worked in the White House with Obama, his staff or his campaign.  Some are women with the media who are left in their political beliefs.  They are reporting language and behaviors directed to them that are considered acts of sexual harassment.  It has been pitched Obama is using women as wallpaper to 'dress up' his administration.  When in reality women are pushed aside for 'the men to make the real decisions' of his administration.  In fact, women working in the White House are paid 18% less than their male counterpart.

Further, there is the influence of money coming into Obama's campaign from the Hollywood left.  There is a distinctive slant by television and movie personalities that have openly belittled women.  Some like HBO's Bill Maher and CBS' David Letterman are well known for their degradation of women.  Maher just contributed $1 million to Obama's SuperPac.  His open comments on air and behind the scenes are telling of the further influences of the left against women.

I could go further talking about this degrading situation.  Instead let their own words and deeds hold them to the scrutiny of America.  From Obama to his staff to his far left supporters, their language, their underlying discrimination of women can now be public.  

I present to you two very short videos.  One is by a political action committee called SHE.PAC.  This video does have a little unsavory language.  The other is from the Republican National Committee.  I encourage you to view them.  Let their tactics be the undoing of this administration.

To begin, just click the play button on the images below>>>

SHE PAC stands for Support-Honor-Elect women for public office.  It is a political action fund dedicated to  providing political support to conservative women who are seeking office.  If you would like to visit their site, here's the link www.shepac.com.

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