Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Many have speculated about the intentions of President Barack Obama.  Occasionally, Barack has knowingly/unknowingly publicly spoken about his plans for his second term of office.  His recent tip off gave America reason for concern.

During a press event with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Obama leaned forward to speak closely and confidentially with the Russian.  Obama was telling Medvedev he needed more time until after his re-election to further make commitments to reduce American nuclear warheads and global positions.  

An open microphone recorded Obama stating, "This is my last election...After my election I will have more flexibility."  Obama stressed his intent to be re-elected to Medvedev.

The Russian President replied, "I understand your need for space....I will transmit this information to Vladimir."  Vladimir Putin will return as President for Russia in May.

This exchange is of concern for America on several points.  First, he is communicating an agreement to disarm as a casual gesture.  Russia, China and other global power nations see this as a sign of weakness.  Secondly, this is again tipping our strategic hand to another world power.  Offering a disarmament, gives Russia and other countries room to manuever to support our adversaries such as Iran.  Third, and perhaps most concerning, this statement provides validity to America that Obama does intend to further strip down our national defense.  It also extends the notion that Obama may lay low till November for phase two of his further deconstruction of American capitalism and societal change.

America must become engaged with the political realities and intentions of Barack Obama.  Only then will the true reality of the decline of a nation awaken its citizens. Our Republic deserves better.  It is our obligation to take political action to return this mighty country to the land of liberty and prosperity.  How does four more years of Barack Obama's hope and change sound to you?

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